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Location: Caterina's Home • Date: Late April

"That one," Caterina pointed to the second selection of plates Diana had produced from her china cabinet. Harriet was set to arrive within the hour and after setting the dining room table twice herself, the heiress finally decided which plates to accompany the rest of the ensemble.

Taking the plate she hadn't chosen, Caterina smiled gratefully at her secretary. The auburn haired woman returned the gesture before moving to place two plates across from each other on the long table as Caterina placed the leftover plate back where it belonged.

The chandelier that hung above them gave the room a near ethereal glow and paired with the large mirror on the other side of the room, it seemed like a million diamonds reflecting off of each other. It wasn't far from the truth considering how many diamonds hung from the gold metal, but alone they didn't nearly give off this amazing effect. Diana had really out done herself when they had decorated this house.

Capturing her reflection, the woman fluffed her hair as she bared her teeth, and from this far away Cat could spy the small red fleck painted on her front teeth. Letting out a small noise of disapproval, she lifted a hand to scrub at the mark when Diana returned with a bucket housing a uncorked bottle of red wine.

"What?" She asked the woman when she caught her staring, her hand immediately dropping down to her side.

"Nothing," Diana answered, though her brow didn't lower even after Caterina rolled her eyes and exited the dining room.

Adjusting the cuffs of her robes, Caterina took a seat on the lounger in her most favored sitting room, her left leg disappearing beneath her as she reached for the scroll she had previously abandoned when she'd decided once again to change up her choice in dishware, "Diana, please make sure Honey remembers not to over season the meal tonight. I might like a lot of flavor, but we don't want to overwhelm the witch."
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Unable to leave the club without giving every staff member on duty some explicit instructions Harriet had made her rounds through the already bustling clubs. She had left Daphne for last, promising her that she would be back before close and reminding her that she was to do whatever it took to make sure that the entertainment stayed to interact with the investors after they were done with their sets.

Wearing her eternal top hat and cheeky smile, Harriet apparated close to her new business partner's home.

Having made peace with the fact that she was to make business with people who had far to much money, she didn't roll her eyes when she took the golden door knocker and pushed it against the door.

"Caterina," the blonde greeted, happier than usual when seeing a business partner. "You look stunning," she offered instead of a insincere compliment about a house that was far too flaunting of prosperity for her taste.
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Slipping into her heels on her way to the front door, Caterina stopped just before the heavy oak and ducked down to catch her reflection in the gold, geometric shaped vase that was never filled with flowers. Checking her teeth once more and fluffing her bangs, she sucked in a quick breath before turning and opening the door.

"Harriet," She replied with a smile, ushering the woman inside and then moving forward to kiss the air on either side of the blondes face. "Thank you, you also look lovely." And she was telling the truth. The dark blue dress that was only partially covered by dark made Harriet's hazel colored eyes look more lighter than usual. Her skin was nearly as pale as Caterina's and if she looked hard enough she could see a small spattering of freckles covering her chest and then disappearing beneath the fabric of her clothes. The heiress didn't need to undress the woman to know that the freckles probably covered the rest of her body as well. Licking her lips, she indicated that Harriet should remove her robe so she could hang it up, Cat smiled as she took one last look of the woman's skin before turning to lead the woman down the hall into the drawing room where they would enjoy a drink before dinner.

Diana was waiting for them in the room, and at Caterina's nod she poured some brandy into one glass and then turned to Harriet, "What can I get you?" She asked as Cat took a seat on one of the two double seated sofas.
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She shrugged off her cloak, took off her hat and offered them to her host. "Actually, I brought Ouzo." She took the bottle she had hidden inside her bag. "A friend smuggled it from Greece."

She smiled cheekily at the woman and sat in front of her. "I brought it for an aperitif, let's keep your brandy for digestif." The liquor expert suggested. "Will give you a sort of idea of what we intend to serve for your evening."
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Diana, a woman who could appreciate anothers initiative, raised her brow curiously before turning to face her employer for confirmation. Caterina simply shrugged which told Diana all she needed to know before she took the bottle from Harriet and went about preparing two glasses. Handing one to Cat and then one to Harriet, she smiled at both woman before disappearing into the vast house somewhere.

"Thank you," Caterina said smoothly, though whether she was thanking the retreating woman or the one sitting in front of her was too hard to tell.

Taking a sip of her spirit, she let out a hum at the pleasant burn it created both on her tongue and her throat, she nodded appreciatively before relaxing back into her high wing-backed chair, "So, tell me, what's it like working with Anna Accorsi."
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Far too busy appreciating and anticipating her host's reactions Harriet paid no mind to her own glass. Feeling a strange sense of satisfaction when the woman hummed in appreciation Harry smirked and finally took a sip.

Rare were those who dared to speak Anna's name without a quaver of fear, but Caterina's tone remained still, if not daring. Surprised, but mostly intrigued Harriet studied her new partner. How to describe Anna Accorsi accurately without revealing too much? "I value our partnership immensely. She's not unlike jazz, keeps you on your toes, but is lethally satisfying when it finally reaches its crescendo." She took another sip. "Have you had the pleasure of meeting her?"
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Caterina shook her head, her legs crossing neatly as she pressed the rim of her glass to her left cheek, "No, but I know she frequents your bar whenever she come into town, and I have heard whispers about the kind of...work she and her husband are involved in." Really, it was more than whispers, Caterina had seen first hand what Tussio and Anna Accorsi did for a living and even then, dealing in alcohol was only the least of it. Caterina would be lying though if she said neither of the couple scared her, because you would have to be a fool if you weren't, but the redhead was also positive that she would never find herself on any of their 'lists' if she played nice, or so her father told her.

"Now, I hope you don't mind, but I have a few questions I like to ask you before we sit down to eat. Get all the nasty stuff out of the way so we can enjoy each others company. Do you have any protests?"
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"I provide alcohol to those who want it in a time when we are not allowed to savour it." She rose her glass as if to perform a toast and she brought the illegal liquid to her lips. She closed her eyes, licked her lips, took the time to enjoy the burning sensation that coursed through her chest. "As savorous as it is, as daring as it makes us, lets not fool ourselves into thinking that it is provided by angels." Caterina seemed like sensible woman, surely they could afford to be honest with each other.

"Let's get the nasty stuff out of the way." Harry agreed, her tone all but business-like. Apparently the uzo and perhaps the mention of Anna Accorsi had arose a playfulness in her.
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Caterina nodded and smiled. Good, that would make their evening go a lot better if she could get all her rather...intrusive questions out of the way before they ate. The heiress really did hate spoiling a good meal by speaking about things not meant for the dinner table. Her father had absolutely refused to talk business and work when he sat down with his family and Cat was not about to let the only tradition that had saved her parents marriage go now.

Taking a sip of her drink, she shifted in her seat, her back pressed against the fabric behind her and then began to slowly drum her fingers against her glass, "Harriet, do you know who I am? Or let me rephrase that; What do you know of the Rothwells?"
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Between long hours at the club she had managed to make a limited amount of research about her new partner, but she had managed to learn a few thing. "You are Executive Chairman at the Wizarding World Today, an exploit considering how hard the board is working to remove you." Harriet smiled encouragingly, she had to admire the battle the woman had chosen to pick.

"As for the Rothwells, I know you owe your wealth to wise and varied investments, but why ask me what I know unless you think there is something worth sharing with me?" This could be an enjoyable game as long as it wasn't a ruse to make her share too many of her own secrets.
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Listening carefully to what Harriet had to say, Caterina her gaze on the woman even as she lifted her glass to take a few sips. So the blonde woman had done her research, but like everyone else she did business with, Harriet only knew her families recent history, or at least that's all she was willing to divulge. It amused her more than it should of, the way people danced around her name, family and history, but she really couldn't blame them, not many people felt comfortable enough discussing one of Wizarding America's founding Fathers, nor the substantial wealth the Rothwell name carried. Her fathers publication, The Wizarding World of Today was one of her families newest investments, with it joining the umbrella of other varied interests.

The Rothwell's were a large family, scattered all across the United States, and even South America. She knew a few cousins occupying Canada but their man hub was the U.S. The name went back as far as the 1500's with a wealthy family descendant who handled the finances of a magical noble back in which was once called the Holy Roman Empire. Now her family had their hands in everything ranging from financial services to real estate. Caterina was just one of the latest members to take over from another.

"Well, it seems like someone has done their research," She murmured quietly with a cheeky grin, "Though I do wonder what you knew before you cracked open a few books, but that doesn't really matter." With a small shrug she pressed her glass to her cheek as she continued, "What matters is that you know that I am a woman in a position of power, something that is not only unheard of in my family, but also in the day and age we live in." It was a sad fact, and the words had her mouth twisting unpleasantly, but she refused to let the power struggle she was nearly losing take over her decision making."

"I have a lot of money, and with the Prohibition that is currently in effect, I have had to find a way to keep my fellow board members occupied during an anniversary of sorts. It is a...quiet event, one that nobody should ever catch wind of, but it is a necessary evil." She didn't mention that it would probably let her keep her seat for that extra bit because she was already feeling uneasy about how much she had to reveal to the blonde. "And I was hoping you would be willing to collaborate with me."
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What she had known about Caterina before she had opened a book and asked around mattered very little to her. The more they spoke the more it became clear to Harriet that it was what she had yet to learn that intrigued her.

Harriet recognized her own struggles in Caterina's. Hers were on a lesser scale she was certain, but similar nonetheless. "It would be a pleasure making business with you."

Recognizing the disdain in the woman's voice Harriet leaned forward. "I don't need to meet them, I know exactly who these men are." She saw them every night standing tall in her club as if she owed them everything. "I know exactly what we need to do to make them happy."
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Nodding, Cat took one last sip of her drink before discarding it onto the side table that sat next to her chair, and then she smiled gratefully, if a little bit stiff. She was glad to see that Harriet could draw a few accurate conclusions from Cat's rather clandestine description, and even more glad that she was still willing to work with her.

"I do have one more thing to clarify before we sit down to eat. It's about our previous subject, the Accorsi's. If I am work strike up a deal with you, how involved would they be in said deal?" She asked.
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Usually the Accorsi name would not have been uttered during negotiations. Harriet was loyal to her friends, she never would have confirmed their participation in her business, but something in Caterina made her want to remain as honest as possible.

"They provide the alcohol." Harriet reaffirmed. Unless they were to request other services the Accorsis would not be involved.
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"Ahh," Caterina hummed, her fingers drumming against the arms of her chair before she pushed herself to her feet. She stopped a foot away from the blonde woman, peered down at her, her lips pursing as seemed to be juggling something. Entrusting Harriet with an event such as this was risky, but having any involvement from the Accorsi's could bring a whole set of different complications. "So you don't report to them?" She asked quietly.