A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #6935  by Harriet Doran
Intrigued, but mostly amused by her host's interesting movements she smirked up at the woman. "Well it's a complex dynamic." Perhaps the other woman was as white as snow, but she certainly was not and as someone who had dealt with the accorsi syndicate she wasn't sure she was ready to diminish it to the simplistic dynamic of who was answering to whom. "Have you ever had dealings with groups like the Accorsis?" She asked wondering if Caterina might be able to come up with her own conclusions.
 #6947  by Caterina Rothwell
Raising her brow Cat dipped her head in acknowledgement but didn't reply automatically as she watched the blonde try and come up with a more thorough answer, which was a good thing because Caterina Rothwell wasn't about to let Harriet get away with such a vague response. When she replied with her own question however, the redhead blinked and then turned away, moving to the fireplace that had been cleaned for the upcoming summer months.

Reaching for a small golden dove, Cat turned it around in her hands as she tried to decide how best to answer Harriet. Being honest wasn't required for her to work with Harriet, it was after all the Nightclub Manager who would be working for her if they choose to make a deal. So why did she feel like she had tell the truth? Maybe it was all that human decency her father always said she had inherited from her mother.

"Yes," She finally answered, placing the dove back on the mantle and turning to the blonde, "But also no. The people I have had to deal with have the law on their side. A fact they like to exploit often." Cat's face twisted almost painfully as she sucked in her bottom lip and then nibbled on it. The Accorsi Mafia would be Cat's preferred group if she had a choice but she didn't say that, instead she swallowed and straightened, coming to a decision on her own.

Moving again, she indicated that Harriet should follow and then disappeared through a set of wooden double doors. A table extravagantly decorated greeted them but the plates were bare, obviously Diana had been waiting for them to take a seat before serving. Just as well, who knows how long they could have talked for. Reaching for a bell sitting on a side table, she rang it swiftly and then took a seat at her usual spot with Harriet situated to her left.

"Let's eat," She announced with a glittery smile.
 #6965  by Harriet Doran
Harriet watched intently, noting every movement and trying to decipher their intent. She couldn't quite tell why, but the mood had shifted. "I could see how they would be quite a burdening lot."

But apparently her host was not interested in pursuing the conversation. Taking her glass as well as the bottle she followed Caterina. The mystery was short lived, but quite exciting, there was something about the tension between them that made her feel both trepidatious and delighted. She chuckled to herself when they stepped into the dinning room. Of course. Why had she expected anything else?

She set the bottle on a small liquor cart and sat at Cat's left. "Lets." She agreed rather submissively.