A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #7151  by Harriet Doran
Location: Caterina's Home • Date: Late April

She had barely paid attention to the entrée as her attention had been mostly focused on their conversation. Talking to Caterina was easy. She wasn't sure if it was the fact that they were both women who worked hard to keep their business afloat, but they seemed to share a certain kinship. When their entrée plate were taken away, she promised herself to pay a bit more attention to their meal.

"Delicious," Harriet complimented as soon as she had swallowed her first bite of the main course . The meat was perfectly cooked, but it was the sauce the made her taste buds laud. "Do you cook?" Harriet inquired wondering if a woman who had enough money to have a staff ever partook in menial tasks.
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"Every weekend, Chef Pierre doesn't work then and Diana is my only other staff so I have to." She waved her hand over the spread before them and then stabbed out a perfectly seasoned roast potato, "But I would never be able to do something as extravagant as this however. I don't even eat like this when I'm alone." Cat finished with a smile, her fork being dropped as she reached for her glass of wine and took a sip. Tonight wasn't an unusual event though, Cat usually hosted people for dinner multiple times during the week, but the redheaded woman wasn't about to tell Harriet that. She wanted her to feel special.

Halfway through her meal, the conversation flowing smoothly, Cat was pouring herself another glass of wine when her doorbell rang. Knowing that Diane had disappeared upstairs for the evening, Caterina stood slowly and smiled apologetically, "One moment," She murmured before disappearing quickly from the dining room.

Not able to make out the figure standing on her doorstep through the glazed glass, she unlocked it with a flick of her wand, and then tucking it back into the folds of her dress, Cat pulled the door open and nearly laughed at the sight that greeted her. There stood Lady Madeline Blythe practically radiating with...what? Anxiety? Anger? No, the way the woman's pupils were dilated and her chest heaving with some else entirely.

"Madeline," She murmured in greeting, "I wasn't expecting you toni--" Cut off, Caterina found herself pushed back inside and then pressed against the wall as her front door swung shut. Madeline's mouth was on hers in a instant.
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It had been a long and boring day for Madeline. She'd had no events to attend today and it wasn't her day to volunteer at the soup kitchen, so she had spent the whole morning pottering around in her garden and then enjoyed some embroidery, though enjoyed was probably the wrong word. More like she had endured some embroidery. Ivy had kept her company for dinner, but when it hit nine she had sent the girl to bed and let herself out of the house. Her neighbor would be able to improve her day.

She made her way next door and nearly bouncing on her toes in anticipation, she knocked on the door and waited. Madeline looked up at the tall city home, the front exactly the same at hers except for the darker window shutters and the glass door. Madeline's was a thick wood with not a piece of glass in sight whereas Caterina's was covered in it except for the boarder and doorway. She didn't have to wait long, maybe around a minute so deciding she wouldn't waste any time herself, Madeline pounced as soon as her lover appeared. Kicking the door closed behind her, she pushed Cat against the hallway wall and kissed her thoroughly. Not noticing the small side table however, Madeline knocked a vase off it with her elbow in her aroused and frantic state causing a loud, rich laughter to sound from the redhead beneath her.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Madeline apologized, her cheeks pink and hair just a little mussed.
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Despite feeling doubtful that the night had been anything particular for an important figure like Caterina Rothwell, Harriet did feel special. She felt special in that their conversation felt unveiled and authentic, it didn't toe the line of platitudes and pleasantries.

The doorbell came as a surprise, but she suspected that there might be a few of those if she were to continue working with Caterina. She continued to enjoy her meal despite feeling unworthy of her surroundings.

The noise from the hallway almost came as an appreciative excuse to get up and leave the judgemental stare of the paintings that surrounded the room.

She came into the hallway and noticed Caterina, limbs tangled with a woman, pieces of a vase surrounding them. Smirking, glass of wine in hand she leaned against the wall. "You had not told me that we would be joined by someone else." She teased her host.
 #7238  by Caterina Rothwell
When a crash came from beside them, shards of glass hitting foot, Caterina couldn't help but let out a laugh, the swift change her night had taken nearly disorienting her. Still pressed against the wall, her hands limp and immobile, Cat smiled gently at the flustered brunette before her. "It's alright," She murmured gently, her gaze taking in Madeline's smudged lipstain and flustered cheeks, it was a delicious sight.

She had momentarily forgotten about her guest but when she heard a voice from further down the hallway, Caterina practically sprang from the wall, coming to stand in front of Madeline, "Harriet, I--ahh--this is my neighbor Lady Madeline Blythe. She is from England." She announced, staring at Harriet with wide eyes. "She is not like us...American I mean." Madeline made a small noise behind her and then she was standing next to her, but Caterina had to find a way to let Harriet know that Madeline wasn't magical, not like them.

"How do you do, Harriet," Madeline greeted from beside her.
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Not an American? No, and thank God. Madeline was proud of her English heritage, her noble blood, even if she had disappointed her father and shamed her family, but she had to. She wasn't able to live the life she had been expected to led, not any more. She had been in New York for over ten years but she still wasn't one of the, and she would remain that way.

Stepping forwards, she smiled politely, her lips pulling tightly as she nodded and greeted the blonde woman leaned against the wall a few meters ahead of them, "I do hope I'm not interrupting," She asked both woman, looking between them. Fear was starting to creep up inside her, freezing her veins, and constricting her heart. Harriet was smiling at them, with an understanding glint in her eyes, but Madeline couldn't shake it. She would probably never be able to.
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Used to euphemisms like the one Caterina had chosen Harriet understood that their guest was ordinary.

Harriet had been in the presence of Lords and Ladies before, it seemed that they like common folks enjoyed good American entertainment as much as those of the New World. The fun with them was to see them resist to the pleasure only to see the resistance melt as their inhibitions left. But with Lady Madeline, it seemed that perhaps the inhibition was already gone.

"It seems that it is I who interrupted, My Lady." The American spoke, her thick southern accent more apparent than before against Madeline's proper english. "And I am doing well thank you for asking. Caterina is quite a welcoming host, but that I am sure you already know." She couldn't help, but mock them a little.
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Madeline seemed to almost radiate with fear, the air around the muggle woman changing as both she and Madeline stared down the hallway at Harriet. She knew why she was nervous of course, being discovered by someone was Madeline's worst fear. She had already been pushed out by her own family so what could a random stranger do to her? Only this time the random stranger was a woman who Cat had started to almost trust...almost. Cat did however trust that Harriet wasn't about to think any less of them for the scene she had walked in on not two minutes ago. She reached for Madeline's hand and then squeezed, refusing to let go even as the brunette tried to yank her hand away.

"Lady Madeline is going to join us for dinner," Cat informed the bar manager, "Perhaps you can tell her your story about Anna." She asked, pleading silently as she took a step forwards, pulling Madeline slowly behind her. The woman needed to be reassured and Harriet would need to play along.
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Harriet nodded gracefully as she was told that Lady Blythe would be joining them.

A slight frown covered her features as she was invited to share a story about Anna Accorsi. Had she revealed more than intended while candidly chatting with her host? Was she more transparent than she thought? Had Caterina's investigation into her background revealed her little arrangement with the Accorsis? More importantly how did she feel about being prompted to share such details with a stranger? Lady or not, Lady Blythe was nothing more than a stranger to her.

"I wouldn't want to offend your Ladyship. I'm afraid my story is a bit more salacious than a heated kiss shared in a dim lighted hallway." She approached the clearly shaken woman. "Lets give you a drink first." She smiled gently.
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Feeling Caterina's fingers graze the side of her hand just before the blonde gripped it firmly, Madeline instinctively moved to rip it away but when she found resistance she turned to look at the american with wide eyes. What she was doing? Lady Madeline was embarrassed enough as it was and Caterina was only making it worse by participating in more public displays of affection.

She was going to protest, the idea of sharing dinner with a stranger who was undoubtedly judging her was appalling but when Caterina spoke next, the words were soft and Madeline was able to pick up a hint of something else. Madeline couldn't quite decipher it, even as she continued to stare at Caterina harshly, the lines on her face becoming more prominent.

"I--" She stopped as Caterina's guest spoke, the words floating down the hall as Harriet closed in on them. So Caterina was like her, a homosexual? Or was she like Caterina? A lover of both men and women? Madeline didn't know but the way Harriet was looking at her made the anxiety that was pooling in her chest quieten.

"A drink would be lovely," She croaked before clearing her throat, the dryness surprising her.
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Caterina watched from her peripheral vision as Madeline took in Harriet words, her gaze turning into one of immense gratefulness as Harriet slowly moved towards them and then offered the brunette a drink. The anxiety radiating from Madeline seemed to disappear as she spoke and Caterina squeezed her hand rhythmically in response to her words.

"Come sit and I'll get you something," Cat replied, turning to smile at her before slowly moving down the hall and back into the dining room. Madeline let go of her hand to take a seat and once she had poured the woman a glass of wine, she ran a finger over her shoulder blade. "Have you eaten," She asked, her gaze moving from the muggle to Harriet and then back.

Madeline shook her head, a surprising response considering how early the woman normally ate, "Alright, let me just inform Diana that an extra plate will need to be prepared." And with a squeeze to her shoulder and a glance towards Harriet, she disappeared out of the room, headed towards the kitchen.
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Graciously, she waited for their host to leave the room before she said: "darling, let me offer you something stronger .." Harriet was probably crossing a line by being so familiar, but she wouldn't apologize for it.

She went to the liquor cart, picked a few bottles and made a drink she found more suitable for the situation. "Here, my lady." Her elbow brushed against the woman's shoulder as she put the drink in front of her. She made her way back to her seat. "Try it." She insisted gently.
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Madeline refused to let her insecurities show by asking Cat to stay instead of disappearing to find her secretary. She had already made a fool of herself in front of this stranger and even if they shared a common interest or something of the like, Lady Madeline Blythe was not about to let her weakness show any longer.

"Oh, no, I'm fine with my wine," Madeline replied steadily, her gaze planted on the wall opposite her. Her words obviously fell on deaf ears however because after a minute a figure appeared next to her and a drink was placed down in front of her. Her arm brushed her shoulder, the fabric covering it shifting as she tensed in response.

Madeline turned her gaze to the strong smelling drink as Harriet took a seat opposite her, and her lips twitched unpleasantly. Madeline was a light weight, and hard liquor was almost foreign to her. Port and wine was the only alcohol she had ever allowed herself to indulge in so Madeline couldn't help but reach out and push it away so the vapors no longer filled her nostrils, "I am fine with my wine," She repeated but this time more firmly.

She took a sip of her wine in place of the offering and after her gaze roamed the room, she finally let it settle on Caterina's guest, "Do you...work with Caterina?" She asked.
 #7920  by Harriet Doran
"I manage an establishment and Caterina is looking to host an event there." Harriet eyed the drink that had been left untouched, but said nothing. Obviously the woman wasn't above drinking alcohol while the country was suffering a prohibition, but Harriet had come to learn that it was not an indicator that she should trust them with the fact that she was a night club manager.

"I'm not certain what Caterina expected me to share about Anna, but I will say that what I have witnessed between you and Caterina is safe with me, for I have done the same and then some." She took a sip of her drink, but her eyes did not leave the other woman.
 #7934  by Lady Madeline Blythe
The English woman felt save to guess that the establishment Harriet managed had something to do with the concoction she had pushed between her nose, because even though Madeline didn't drink anything but what she was currently clutching, she knew that what was in it wasn't just one sort of liquor and if Harriet had mixed it all in no time, she was obviously fairly skilled. She didn't comment on it though, the ambiguous response telling her that the blonde wasn't complete comfortable discussing it in more detail. That made two of them.

A warmth that had everything to do with embarrassment flared across her chest at Harriet's next words and Madeline used everything to keep her gaze locked with the others, "Ahh," She responded uneasily, her tongue darting out to wet her lips. For not the first time, she was glad her cheeks only reddened due to arousal and not embarrassment. "Well, alright." Madeline finished lamely, trying to to wince before doing her best to recover. Her shoulder straightening, "What you saw between Cat, I mean Caterina and I is...complicated."