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Madeline blinked. The tone Harriet had just spoken to her in was one Madeline was familiar with because Caterina spoke to her like that whenever they were alone. She'd also heard it from many other woman's lips over many, many years, but hearing Harriet speak to her like that was still surprising. Caterina obviously thought it was something worth laughing about, because the twitching her lips were doing while she ran a foot up her leg was incredibly telling.

Knocking the foot trailing up her leg off her, she pinned Caterina with a look and then picked up the drink Harriet had made her and hesitantly took a sip. She grimaced in disgust, her eyes fluttered closed and she shuddered, "...lovely," Madeline said weakly.
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"It--it burns," She said in way of an apology, placing the glass down and then reaching for her wine. She chased away the horrible licorice taste that burned with the smooth white wine Caterina had poured her. The woman's foot had returned to rubbing her calf suggestively. Madeline glared at her from atop her wine.

Caterina simply smiled innocently.

Moving her gaze away from the redhead, she meet Harriet's instead, "Are you from New York, Harriet?"
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Harriet witnessed the subtle interaction between the two women, but decided to remain silent. Drawing attention to them felt almost as bad as breaking her promise to remain discreet.

"I am not, but I am certain my charming drawl had already given that away." But of course Madeline Blythe was too polite to make such an assumption. "I come from Alabama." A small town she had left at the young age of 13.
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Madeline had figured Harriet was from the southern states, but she had been unable to guess which one. She had thought Mississippi or even Georgia, but not Alabama, the state that sat nestled between her two original guesses.

"Ah, yes, now that you've told me, the accent is definitely more Alabamian. Caterina spent her childhood in Arkansas, didn't you Caterina?" She turned to the redhead who was watch she and Harriet with a amused expression.
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Caterina stiffened, and her foot ceased the rubbing of Madeline's calf. What was Madeline playing at? Just like the English woman, Caterina hated talking about her past, her upbringing. Her last name had haunted her right through. The expectations that came with carrying the Rothwell name were immense and Cat had always struggled to meet them. Even now, doing what her father wanted felt like failing. Her seat was so close to being taken and she didn't know if her confidence would survive if the board succeeded.

"I did," she replied carefully, slipping her foot back into her shoe. Apparently Madeline had decided enough was enough and it would have been a turn on had Harriet not been sitting across from Madeline looking at her with a raised brow.
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"Arkansas," Harriet chewed on her food as if ruminating on the information she had just heard. She hadn't seen that on Cat, the southern roots, all she had seen had been the sophistication and control.

Misjudging Madeline's drink, misreading Cat... Harriet felt like she was slowly loosing her methods.

"Do you ever go back?" She didn't predict an answer for fear that she would be wrong.
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Practically frozen in her seat, her spine stiff, Caterina lowered her fork and rested her hand on the cloth covered table beneath her, "No, no I have not." And she had no intention of ever doing that. Arkansas wasn't her home. New York was, this house was, the Wizarding World Today was and Caterina was just fine with that.

Moving her gaze from Harriet, she looked at Madeline and then at the nearly empty glass of wine, "More wine?" She asked before getting up stiffly and reaching for the wine on the liquor cart.
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"Ah, yes," Madeline replied, the satisfaction of getting one up on Caterina disappearing and being replaced by guilt. It prickled beneath her skin and made her shiver. She had gone too far by revealing such a personal topic and Cat's hurt was obvious.

With a small glance at Harriet, Madeline turned in her chair and watched Cat grab the bottle of wine, "Cat, forgive me," She murmured quietly.
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Sensing that she was caught in the middle of something Harriet looked down at her plate, but quickly glanced back up at Caterina. "Caterina would you be so kind as to point me towards the restroom?"
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Her cheek twitched and her hand jerked more than it probably should have but she only glanced at Madeline before returning her gaze to the cart before her. She uncorked another bottle of wine and began to fill Madeline another glass when Harriet spoke. She straightened, "Yes, if you go out that door behind you, head straight down the hall, turn right and it's the first door on your left."

When Harriet disappeared, she placed the glass down in front of Madeline and then retook her seat. Madeline opened her mouth but Cat simply raised her hand and shook her head but Madeline was not easily deterred it seemed.
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"Cat," She pressed, waiting until Harriet had disappeared fully before she slipped off her chair and crouched next to Caterina. The redhead, while obviously upset with her, was unable to keep from pressing a palm to her cheek.

"I'm sorry, I am. I didn't mean to upset you. I shouldn't have said that," Madeline turned her head and kissed the life line on her lovers palm. "Forgive me," She murmured against the warmth.
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It wasn't very often that Caterina found herself mad with the English woman staring up at her, it was after all, Caterina who was the one begging for forgiveness usually. Madeline was easily agitated and Caterina liked to play on that a little more than she should, but Madeline never stayed mad at her for too long. Cat could understand why with the way the brunette was looking at her, fluttering her eyelashes unintentionally.

"Oh Madeline, stand up," She replied, easing the woman to her feet. "It's alright, there is nothing to forgive."
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Slowly Madeline got to her feet, the woman's hand still on her cheek which caused her to bend at her waist so she didn't dislodge the touch. She placed her own hands on the wooden armrests, unintentionally or maybe intentionally keeping her pinned to her seat.

"Still..." She muttered with a small smile, "Your past is not my business to share." Caterina nodded, looking at Madeline with kind eyes. Madeline couldn't help herself when she leaned in and kissed the redhead. Cat made a noise of contentment as she sagged in her seat at the gentle brush of Madeline's lips.
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Harriet stopped as she stepped back into the dinning room and laughed. "I'm sorry. Clearly you two need some time alone. Perhaps I should leave you to it?" Harriet pointed towards the door. Considering she had walked in on them kissing twice in the last half hour, Harriet was starting to wonder if perhaps there was more between the two than Madeline had let on.