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 #8361  by Harriet Doran
Location: Merlin's Nightclub • Date: Evening June 1925

She had been locked into her office all day going over the books. It seemed that they would finally be able to afforded fixing the leak in the roof. Finally she closed the books and pushed them as far away as possible from her. If there was one thing she disliked about managing the nightclub it was dealing with the establishment's finances. No magic could be done there, the numbers remained hard to manage no matter what she did. Every single decision she made felt like a sacrifice.

Harriet was leaning back into her chair, hands linked above her abdomen, feet on the desk. She deserved a few minutes to relax didn't she?

Apparently not, because a voice came from her fireplace. She straightened up and turned towards the intrusion. "Yes Murph." The Manager welcome the man who was flooing.

"The shipment didn't come Ma'am." Murph announced without as much as an introduction.

"What, happened?" She asked clearly concerned. They were already running low on certain type of alcohol they couldn't sustain their patron's requests if they didn't have alcohol to provide.

"Nothing happened, Ma'am. It simply did not show. You might want to get in contact with Tussio."

Harriet pinched the bridge of her nose. She didn't have time for this! "Thank you, Murph." She dismissed. She would contact Tussio, but that wouldn't fix their immediate problem. They needed liquor and the needed it now.

She laid her head on her desk and cursed under her breath. "Daphne!" She yelled hoping the Stage Manager would hear her.
 #15261  by Daphne Koenig
Daph watched the staff scurrying around backstage as they prepared for the show. Her trombonist hadn't showed up today, and the backup was no where to be found, which meant that she had to completely rearrange the accompaniment for the third performance and track down a halfway decent trombone player in New York City that wasn't already employed, drunk, or intolerable. Meaning to say that Daphne was at her wits end already and the sun had barely started setting.

Huffing and turning her back on the mess of performers and hands she stalked toward Harriet's office wondering what in Merlin's name could have gone wrong this time. It was bad enough that she had a missing trombonist and a singer who absolutely refused to sing unless Daph could ensure there was a full brass band to support her.

"You called?" Daph peaked around the door into Harriet's office. Hoping like hell, but knowing by the tone of her voice that it wasn't, good news.
 #15455  by Harriet Doran
Harriet lifted her head as soon as she heard Daphne approaching. She gestured for the young woman to approach her desk. A single look at her young protegé and Harriet knew she was adding something to her already full plate yet the manager didn't even consider entrusting anyone else with this matter. She waved her wand so the door would close behind Daphne.

"The shipment did not make it. We need to find liquor or else we will run out by Monday." Clearly expecting to be presented with options, Harriet crossed her arms and leaned back into her chair.
 #16452  by Daphne Koenig
Daph cursed under her breath. Nothing was going right today and this was the last thing she had needed to hear on top of everything thing else. Daph ran a couple of options through her head. No liquor by Monday was a stage 5 level potential meltdown. They would have to close the doors, which meant no revenue. Which was, to understate things, not good.

"Have you spoken with Tussio? We could buy extra stock off that bar a few blocks over. What was it called? Perry's? Percy's? Something with a P?" She tapped her finger against her chin as she thought out loud, throwing out potential solutions until Harriet heard something she liked. "We could see if that another has excess supply they couldn't sell before the weekend? It would be a long shot, they don't typically bring in more than they can sell. But it could be worth a shot?"
 #16856  by Harriet Doran
"Peter's."Harry did not blame her protegée for not remembering the small establishment's name, she likely would not remember it herself if it wasn't for the fact that she had an obnoxious brother of the same name. Harriet had considered that option. It was not bad, but it was not ideal. Owed favors were not burdens Harriet intended on carrying.

"There is an ordinary speakeasy that does carry more than they usually sell..." She frowned slightly as an idea started to form in her mind. "The Flint, have you ever been?"
 #17000  by Daphne Koenig
Peter's, Daph had been close. But she had not heard of the flint. She didn't often frequent ordinary establishments. They served little purpose, as recruiting an ordinary musician was out of the question and for everything else a magical watering hole would suffice. Not that she had many nights off to peruse the local night scene.

"I have not. Would they be willing to unload some of their extra for the night, do you think? We could head down there and be back before the busy hours." There wasn't a ton of time, but there was enough to scrounge up something.
 #17254  by Harriet Doran
The idea of negotiating with an ordinary venue was even less appealing. Not to mention that it would likely offend the Accorsi's.

If they used the wine and liquor her late husband had stored in their reserve they would survive the evening, perhaps even the following one depending on how busy they would be. Perhaps Harriet had to take matters into her own hands, without the messiness of negotiations.

She eyed her young protégée, there was no one else she would trust with this. "We cannot risk making a deal with them, but we will need their liquor." Waiting for Daphne to piece it together, she watched carefully.
 #17266  by Daphne Koenig
Daph quirked an eyebrow in curiosity. Surely Harriet couldn't be suggesting what Daphne thought she was suggesting. Right? The girl bit back a chuckle. Of course Harriet was suggesting just the thing. For a brief moment, she swelled with pride at the fact that Harriet was trusting her with such an important bit of knowledge. No matter how many times something like this happened it still made Daphne practically vibrate with appreciation.

"Then their liquor we will get." The logistics would be difficult to finagle. But Daph had no question they could handle it. Between herself and Harriet, at times, it felt they could accomplish anything. "Just tell me what you need me to do, boss."
 #17275  by Harriet Doran
Despite her amusement and pride, she barely smiled. The slight quirk at the corner of her lips was gone as quickly as it had appeared.

She gave the younger woman a slight nod. "Make sure we get through the evening. When your artists finish their last set I will meet you backstage." It would give Harriet a few hours to make a plan.
 #17605  by Daphne Koenig
Daphne nodded in understanding. Just get through tonight, and all its madness, and they would take care of their supply problem once business was finished. She knew wherever Harriet led, she would follow.

"After the last set, then." Daph turned on her heels and headed back towards the stage to make sure none of her hands had screwed anything up, or none of her artists had thrown a new fit, in her brief absence.