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 #10307  by Lady Madeline Blythe
Location: Madison Square Park • Date: 13-06-1925

Walking around and around Madison Square Park with a large, auburn poodle was not at all how Madeline expected to spend her Thursday morning. She had never been a big canine lover, but her father had owned a few beagles which he used for hunting but that as far as her exposure went, until she had met Caterina. The American woman loved her dog, cherished it like she assumed one would a child, and Ulysses seemed equally taken with his owner.

The large dog was usually incredibly well behaved, and listened immediately when Caterina ordered it to do something, but apparently that courtesy only extended towards her friends and the people she employed to walk it because today Ulysses insisted on taking Madeline for a walk. The English woman had been fighting for control for the past twenty minutes, trying her hardest prevent the dog from running after every single thing that moved in the park but failing miserably. Madeline had nearly tripped over the skirts of her dress three times when she decided enough was enough and practically dragged the excited dog over to a nearby park bench. She tied the black leash to the metal leg and then sat down with an exhausted huff.

"I am never doing this again," She told Ulysses who was pulling at his newfound restraints.
 #10639  by Harriet Doran
She had gone over the plan countless times. She was confident they would succeed she truly was, yet she found herself wandering towards the park right in front of the small ordinary speakeasy they intended to burgle that very night.

Relationships were tensed between the Accorsies and a rival group which had been quite the inconvenience for Harriet. Their alcohol reserves had run dry and the shipments kept getting intercepted, if Harriet wanted to save her club she needed to take matters in her own hands.

She strolled through the park as if enjoying the refreshing Spring breeze., only catching glimpses of the alley in which was the speakeasy's entrance. Surely they could do it, they had the advantage of magic after all.

The large dog caught her eyes first, he seemed to struggle with the fact that he had just been tied to the bench by his mistress. His mistress who seemed seemed quite defeated, but more importantly very familiar. "Is he giving you a hard time, my Lady?"
 #10703  by Lady Madeline Blythe
Looking down at the poodle who was staring up at her sadly, Madeline frowned at it and then let out a huff when what looked like a smile spread upon the canines face. Stupid thing. Why had she agreed to walk the thing again? Oh yes, Caterina had asked nicely and thrown in a meal cooked by her own two hands, which meant the redhead had really needed help. Madeline had agreed after the woman had made other promises as well, but now she was wondering whether food, and good company was worth it for the trouble Ulysses was putting her through.

Madeline jumped at the voice above her and both she and the dog snapped up to stare at the blonde woman, "Harriet, hello, what a surprise." Madeline smiled, "This is Ulysses, Caterina's dog. He is quite the...handful, as you can see," Ulysses tugged at his leash, trying to get at Harriet for pets.
 #10714  by Harriet Doran
She found it interesting that the Lady would go as far as walking the woman's dog. Under the impression that she saw a deeper connection than the women had been willing to admit Harriet smiled a knowing smile.

"Sit," Harry ordered the dog as firmly as she did when talking to her employees. The dog tilted his head as if contemplating whether or not he should listen to a stranger, but eventually sat. Harriet patted the dog as she spoke to Madeline. "Would you like some help? We used to have dogs on the farm, I know a thing or two about them."
 #10742  by Lady Madeline Blythe
Madeline let out a low laugh, "Is my incompetence that obvious?" She asked, leaning back into the park bench beneath her. "He's usually quite well behaved, but this is the first time I have been left alone with him and I think he knows I'm out of my depth." Ulysses, obviously unimpressed with being talked over, made a small whine, and then flopped down onto the ground dramatically.

"Ulysses is usually looked after by Diana, Caterina's secretary, but they were both busy and unavailable so Caterina asked me," She explained, before realizing that she was being rude and shifted so Harriet could sit next to her. She waved her hand at the space next to her. "Sit, please."
 #10748  by Harriet Doran
"It's not incompetence, My Lady." Harriet smiled gently. "Dogs like him can be a handful for anyone." She had seemed quite overwhelmed, but Harriet wasn't quite sure how blunt she could be in front of the woman.

Harriet sat next to Madeline. "She is very lucky to have a friend like you." Harriet had her own people. Those who would do anything to help her, but other than her late husband she had never had that with someone with whom she had shared a bed. It seemed impossible that she could have that with someone else.
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Deciding enough was enough and that Harriet had seen her in enough compromising situations to be on strictly first name bases, Madeline reached out a hand and placed it atop the blonde, "Please, Madeline will do. We're not in England and you have seen me in more embarrassing situations than walking a dog."

Pulling back her hand, she folded both of her own in her lap and looked down at the overlarge auburn colored dog, "I am lucky to have her. She has made the last few years much more manageable." And that was putting it nicely. Caterina was a great friend, and a great person and Madeline was lucky to have her in her life in more ways than one. It had been a long while since she had had someone like that in her life and she felt almost spoilt.

"I know you think I'm in love with her, and perhaps in some way I am, but that's not how what we have works." She said after a small beat.
 #10757  by Harriet Doran
Harriet nodded as she was instructed to call the woman by her first name. She looked at the woman's pale hand on her darker one, a contrast that was enough to remind them of their respective classes. The fair-skinned shielded from the sun while they partook in their festivities and activities, the darker skin a clear reminder of the work Harriet had to do to keep her business afloat.

"You don't have to explain, My L-Madeline." She corrected herself. "What you have with Caterina is yours." They could deny it as much as they wanted, but what they had was special and Harriet wouldn't let them fool themselves into thinking otherwise. "I does make me envious." Harry admitted with a twinkle in her eye, as if excited to to offer a perspective that was far from the judgements the two women would have gotten from the rest of their close minded world.
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"Nothing like what you have with Caterina." Harriet assured with a gentle smile. "She lives in Chicago." Harry offered as an excuse rather than to explain that Anna was married and that their relationship was more carnal than anything else.
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Madeline nodded her head slowly, "Chicago, that's quite the trip," She commented with a small smile. Madeline had been to Chicago a few times, but the train trip had never been very pleasant.

"Do you travel there often? Or does she come to visit you?" Madeline asked, far too eager to be talking to someone who had something in common with herself.
 #10858  by Harriet Doran
It was sweet, but also slightly heartbreaking to see how eager Madeline seemed to talk about about her relationship with Anna. "I wouldn't want to mislead you, Madeline." She smiled apologetically. "I'm afraid my relationship with Anna is quite scandalous." She hesitated for a second, but couldn't find the strength to lie to Madeline even if it was simply by omitting. "I see her every few months. Sometimes I visit, sometimes she does, but when we do see each other, her husband joins us." She hoped Madeline would not think less of her, but she was far too proud to express such a sentiment.
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More than a little surprised by what Harriet had to say, Madeline found herself unable to reply immediately, instead she simply stared at the blonde until she realized what she was doing and how rude she was being, "Oh, well, that certainly is quite...scandalous," She replied evenly even as her lips began to twitch traitorously. Madeline tried not to be judgmental, and have an open-mind when it came to other people and how they lived their lives, but this was quite...interesting.

"And her husband, he just is okay with that? I mean, of course he is, or it wouldn't be happening," She told herself before letting out a small giggle. She blinked and then slapped a hand over her mouth. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean..."
 #10867  by Harriet Doran
She was not unbothered by the hints of judgement she spotted on the woman's features, but she knew the woman was allowed a moment to process the scandalous information that had been shared with her.

"Please My Lad-Madeline, I think we are above restraint. If you feel like laughing you can. If you feel like asking a question you can." Harry smiled reassuringly. "But yes her husband is a willing participant." Harriet winked to add to the scandalous atmosphere.
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"Well," Madeline said again, the skin of her chest burning with embarrassment. Thankfully she was wearing a high-collared dress today, and there was no risk of the blush spreading up her neck and becoming visible.

Not entirely sure what to say, Madeline continued to look at Harriet. The blonde woman was quite beautiful, and the masculine way she dressed did nothing but magnify it. Her hair was curly unlike Madeline's straight and thin dark locks, and her eyes were a mix between green and brown. The top hat Harriet wore was stunning within itself and Madeline felt she had no choice but to reach out and straighten it atop her head.