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 #10904  by Harriet Doran
The flustered brunette was an adorable sight, one Harriet vowed to witness more than once. When the woman reached to straighten her hat, the smile that had been on her lips gave way to a slight questioning frown. The moment felt caring, almost intimate; a sentiment she had not felt in a long time. Unconsciously she leaned closer to Madeline, before she leant away an smiled as she swallowed thickly. The tickling in her underbelly was quick to let her know that something had just transpired between them, but Harriet dismissed it as a simple symptom of loneliness.

"Shall we bring Ulysses home?" Harriet inquired when she finally broke the silence.
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Caught up in the moment with her fingers still touching the rim of Harriet's hat, Madeline didn't hear the woman speak at first, but when Harriet continued to look at her expectantly, Madeline realized she had probably missed something.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" She asked, her gaze dropping from the hat, but not her hand.
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"Shall we bring Ulysses home?" Noticing the woman's hand on her hat, she chuckled. She gently wrapped her hand around the woman's wrist and lowered the woman's hand. She did not say anything, but let her fingers linger on the soft skin.

"I can hold the leash if you want."
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She blinked, "Ah, yes. Yes, we should probably..." Madeline's gaze followed the lowering of their joint hands as she trailed off once again. Strangely, the Englishwoman didn't feel the need to shy away from Harriet's touch, which was not usually the case. Other than Caterina, Madeline did not like her space being invaded or being touched without invitation.

Eventually however, Madeline seemed to realize that she was getting carried away, and she quickly nodded, using the movement to clear out the fogginess that had taken up refuge in her brain, "You want to hold my leash?" She asked before realizing what she had just said. Madeline went bright red.

"I mean, yes, yes you can hold his leash."
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She did not want to make the woman even more uncomfortable, but Harriet couldn't help but chuckle when she realized the woman had misheard what she had said. It was alarming to notice how quickly she had grown fond of the flustered lady.

Without commenting as to not humiliate the woman further Harry stood and took the dog's leash. Completely forgetting why she had been in the park in the first place she didn't even glimpse at the establishment she intended on raising of their liquor.
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Madeline didn’t even look at Harriet as she stood to untie Ulysses, instead she craned her neck to look skywards while she tried to banish the blush that had traitorously crept up from her neck and out of her collar.

Goly, what a fool she was.

After a few seconds, Madeline swallowed thickly and stood, pointing in the direction of the nearest park exit.

“I don’t live very far. Diana should be home now, so we have drop Ulysses off to her and if you’d like, you can join me for tea.”
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Harriet started walking towards the park's exit. "I would love to have tea with you, but sadly I have to get back to work." Saying that made her realize just how different her world was from Madeline's. "But we could schedule something for next week?" She suggested wondering why the thought of having tea with Madeline made her so trepidatious.
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"Oh," Madeline licked her lips and nodded, "Yes, of course. I have-" She waved her hand in the air, "-things to do, anyhow." A lie, and a blatant one at that, but the English woman couldn't help herself. She had perhaps been too eager.

"Another time," She eventually said while risking a glance at the blonde next to her.
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She put a reassuring hand on the nervous woman’s arm. “How about next Thursday?” She could see that her refusal to have tea with the woman had unsettled her, she hoped that trying to reschedule would let her know that it had not been lack of interest that had made her refuse.
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Goosebumps rose beneath the blonde woman's tough, even with the layer of fabric between them. Foolishly she knew that Harriet was just placating her but she couldn't help but be appeased. What a daft woman she was. Caterina would surely laugh when Madeline found herself unable to not tell her.

"That sounds lovely," She breathed with a smile. "Next Thursday it is."