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Location: Lady Madeline's Home • Date: 06-1925

The heatwave had been relentless. No amount of ice seemed to have been able to keep the drinks cold, no amount of freezing spells had been able to keep the club from becoming as hot as a furnace. Harriet had done her best to keep the patrons happy and for most a round of drinks offered by the club had sufficed. As for the others despite their complaints they had kept coming night after night as if suffering the heat next to another warm body had been better than facing it in loneliness.

Grateful to have an excuse to spend an evening out of the club, Harry made her way towards her new friend's home. Glad that at least the sun was low in the sky Harry still felt the heat pressing against her skin. Wearing her usual top hat she pressed her fingers against her temple to wipe the small pool a sweat that seemed to consistently find residence there.

She had not been nervous about the prospect of having tea with Madeline Blake, but now that she stood on her doorstep holding a small bouquet of flower and one of the club's last bottle of wine she felt the swarm of butterflies waking up in the pit of her stomach. After a few deep breaths she gave a door a few knocks.
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Mary-Louise had nearly had a heart attack when Madeline had informed the young woman that they would be joined for afternoon tea. The Lady’s Maid certainly didn’t have enough time to whip the house into shape before they were joined but after a few reassuring words from both Madeline and Franklin, Madeline’s Butler, Mary-Louise had calmed considerably.

As Madeline sat in the drawing room, the afternoon sun shining through the window, the English woman could still feel how nervous her maid was. It wasn’t very often that Madeline had individuals over other than her neighbor Caterina, but even then, the woman usually spent most of the time next door when they got together. Occasionally she hosted dinners and luncheons but other than Madeline herself, Mary-Louise and Franklin weren’t use to taking care of more than one person. It was quite amusing.

When the doorbell rang, Madeline got up and watched as Franklin exited the sitting room and moved to the front side of the house.

”Good afternoon,” Franklin greeted the blonde woman with a polite smile.
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Taken aback Harry almost felt ashamed of the gifts she was holding. How had she not realized that the woman would send her butler to open the door?

With the bouquet and the bottle coming to rest next to her hips she smiled shyly. "Good afternoon." She winced, why was her accent suddenly so blatantly southern? "Lady Blythe invited me for tea." She explained almost afraid to have come on a wrong day.
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"Ah yes, you must be Ms. Doran. Please come in." Franklin moved to the side so his Lady's guest could enter and then shut the door behind her.

"My name is Franklin and it is a pleasure to make her acquaintance." He smiled politely again, though it was a little stiff as he took in the woman before him. The top hat sat upon her head was quite something, and he didn't really know what to think. Harriet was obviously a woman, but she seemed incredibly masculine at the same time. Where had his Lady met someone like this?

Franklin waved his hand down the hall, "If you'll please follow me, I can bring you to the drawing room where Lady Madeline resides."

Madeline heard the duo approaching and stood to greet them, her own soft smile gracing her features, "Harriet, it's lovely to see you." And stepping forward, Madeline leaned in to kiss the air either side of the blondes head.
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Harriet bowed her head slightly. "Nice to meet you, Franklin." As he made no attempt to offer his hand she supposed that it was not the way of the rich.

She followed him to the drawing room hoping that he was not the type of butler who stood in the room to look over his mistress's every need. Harriet was getting a sense that the man wasn't quite receptive to her unrefined ways and she did not like the idea of feeling like she was being observed all evening.

Happy to see a friendly face she mirrored the woman's movements. "I brought you flowers and," she lifted the bottle of wine hoping that the woman would understand the rarity that it was considering the current liquor drought.
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Taking a step backwards to gaze at the flowers and bottle of wine Harriet mentioned, Madeline's face lit up as she reached for the bouquet and sniffed it.

"Oh what a nice thought. Thank you." She said earnestly as Mary-Louise stepped forward to take the floral arrangements from her. "Put those in one of the vases in the entrance way." Madeline told her girl before turning back to Harriet.

Wine, a luxury that not even Madeline Blythe had found away to indulge in regularly. Caterina had the connections for harder liquor, and always seemed to have a never ending supply, but it was rare for them both to get their hands on a bottle of good wine. Apparently Harriet had less trouble.

Taking the proffered bottle with a grin, she lifted it upwards so could read the small lettering on the faded label, "I don't think it would be wise for us to indulge in this for tea but I appreciate the gift nonetheless." She told Harriet.
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"You're right, Madel- My Lady." She corrected herself to the former thinking it was preferable considering they were surrounded by the woman's staff. "Keep it safe for a special occasion."

Harriet stood waiting for any indication as to what was expected of her. Normally it would not have bothered her, she would have done whatever she felt like and would have suffered the consequences head-on, but Madeline made her slightly nervous and Harry didn't want to upset her.

"There is going to be a thunderstorm." She observed catching a glimpse of the darkening sky through the window. Harry had expected it, it was not unusual to have a storm after such a ruthless heatwave.
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“Thank you,” She told Harriet again as Franklin stepped forward to take the bottle from her hands. “We will be fine for the rest of the afternoon,” Margot murmured to him. The Butler nodded and with one last glance at Harriet, disappeared into the house.

Turning back to Harriet, Madeline stared at her for a moment before realizing how rude she was being, and then gasped, “Oh, do forgive me. Here, take a seat.” Madeline breathed out, moving backwards herself until she sat down on a forest green love seat.

“A storm, you said? Well, I certainly hope so. This heat is unbearable. I have had to change twice today.”
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Harriet sat on the seat that had been assigned to her. She took off her hat and placed it on her lap. The heat was too much for her to sport the accessory, she discreetly wiped the small pool of sweat on her temple.

She shifted in her seat, the woman had not done anything wrong, but the mention of her having to change made it far too easy for Harriet's mind to wander places where it should not venture. She crossed her legs tightly. "Yes, a storm." She repeated as she tried to concentrate on the hot weather, rather than the hotness rising inside her chest. Why was she so flustered?

"I used to be afraid of them as a young girl. Now I find them to be appeasing."
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With her hands clasped neatly in her lap, Madeline gazed at Harriet warmly and with a light smile, "I can understand that fear, especially as a child, but I have always found them to be very...soothing. Like all the anger within myself just...evaporates with every clap of thunder." Perhaps she was being too forward and open with the blonde, but Harriet made her feel safe. Something that rarely happened.

"I suppose I'll sleep with my window open tonight if a storm is in the making. I love listening to them while trying to sleep."
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"I do the same," Harriet admitted with a smile. She wondered if Madeline would think about her as they both knew they would both be listening to the same storm. She cleared her throat this line of thought needed to stop here, Madeline was with Caterina and that was that.

She traced the outline of her top hat. "How is Caterina?" That conversation was bound to align her thoughts in more appropriate paths.
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Madeline beamed in response to Harriet's agreement to sleeping with her window open. During the nights the summer nights that weren't too hot and sticky, Madeline usually slept with her balcony door open, the fresh air and city noise lulling her into a deep sleep. Tonight she wouldn't be able to such a thing, but she could keep her window open.

Pushing herself back onto her feet, she moved to where a table sat with an ashtray and a gold case that housed her cigarettes. Smoking was a habit she had only picked up in the last ten years, but she hadn't actually smoked openly in front of people until a year or so ago when Caterina had caught her and asked for one after she had finished laughing at her.

Pulling one from the case, she turned towards her guest with a questioning smile, "Caterina is well. She is working, as per usual. I haven't seen her since the evening we parted ways. I'll tell her, you asked after her." Madeline raised the cigarette in her hand, trusting that Harriet wouldn't judge her for her only bad habit.

"Do you mind?"
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"Of course not." Harriet couldn't remember ever being asked if she minded the smoke of a cigaret. She rarely smoked herself, but she spent so much time in the smoke-filled club that most days she felt as though she smoked herself.

"How long have you been in America?" She asked wondering how long it had been since the woman had left her homeland.
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Bowing her head in thanks, Madeline collected the ash tray, her gold cigarette case and the lighter laying next to it before moving back to where she was sitting, only she didn't take a seat, instead she took up residence near the window behind the was slightly open and then lit her smoke.

"Ah, well that's a good question actually. I came here when I was..." She looked at her free hand, her fingers moving as she counted the years quietly to herself. "thirty-one, so...if I'm fifty-two that make this year my twenty-first anniversary." Madeline closed her hand and looked to Harriet. "Twenty-one years. Well...isn't that something."

It had been twenty-one years since she had moved to America and said goodbye to her family and friends. She hadn't been back since, with only half a dozen visits from family members to tide her over. She hadn't realize how long it had been until that very moment. It made her a little homesick just thinking about it. What was her father doing at this very moment? Or her sister, Alice? Where her niece and nephews behaving themselves? Had her brother finally agreed to marry Rose, Viscount Newarks daughter?

A thousand questions floated around inside her head, questions that probably wouldn't get answers any time soon.

"I was thirty-one by the time my father realized my stance on marriage wasn't going to change. When he couldn't turn a blind eye to my immoral couplings any longer."
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"21 years..." She gave the woman a gentle smile. It had been the same amount of time since she had left the family farm, but of course, she didn't feel like it was appropriate to compare the two.

She stood up and approached the window Madeline had opened. Harry placed a gentle hand on Madeline's shoulder. "I'm sorry." She didn't know what else to say.