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Sucking in a lungful of smoke, Madeline continued to gaze out the window, her face pinched and body ridged with tension. Speaking about her family never made her feel very well, and she generally tried to avoid the topic, but Harriet seemed to bring it out in her, like she had no choice but discuss uncomfortable topics. She had, after all, first met Madeline while she was thoroughly kissing the blondes host. What did she have to hide after such a thing like that?

"There's no need to apologize. My family issues are not your fault, Harriet. I'm just thankful that I got the chance to live out the life I wanted, even if that meant loosing my family." Madeline flicked her gaze towards her guest and tapped her cigarette against the crystal ashtray. She attempted another smile.

"Tell me more about yourself. You life must be much more interesting than mine, surely."
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"I'm not apologizing because it's my fault. I'm saying I'm sorry you had to leave everything you knew behind." She gave the woman's shoulder a gentle squeeze before her hand fell to her side.

With her back leaned against the wall next to the window she contemplated her host's statement. "Not more interesting." She dropped her hat back on her head. The persona she was when wearing that hat was who she was now. Not the scared little girl who had left her daddy's farm. "I'm just..." She shrugged, looked towards the ground. There was no point in hiding it if they were to be friends Madeline would have to find out eventually. "I manage a club." She crossed her arms over her chest and turned towards Madeline, looking at her almost challenging her.
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"A nightclub." Because of course in Madeline's universe, there were other types of clubs; book clubs, country clubs, exclusive clubs... "We host jazz artists, sell alcohol." She tried not to let her mind get bothered by the fact that their alcohol reserve was getting extremely low.
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Well, that answered her question about where the wine had come from.

"Well, like I said, you're life is much more interesting." Madeline smiled widely, her white, completely straight teeth showing as she did. "Tell me more about this bar. How often do you host your jazz artists?"
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She shook her head in disagreement, her life was not more interesting. It was certainly different, but not more interesting or not to her anyway, not to her who saw every single behind the scenes details. The entertainment their guests enjoyed represented dozens of decisions for her and hours of work.

"Every night." It was the promise they made to their loyal costumers. Her host's wide smile surprised her, she had expected to be looked down upon, she had braced herself to seem proud despite the disapproval, but that was not what she had received. "Have you ever been to a club or a speakeasy?"
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Stubbing out her finished cigarette, Madeline took a moment to answer the blondes question. She had in fact been to one club, a secret club where people like her, like Caterina and she supposed, like Harriet could be free to just be them. She was however, unsure if she wanted to share one of her favourite spots with the woman in front of her. It was hers, hers and Caterina’s and she was not ready to let anyone else invade.

“I have but it has been some while since I last visited. Perhaps I can come see yours sometime.”
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"Perhaps." She did not have the heart to tell Madeline that would probably never happen. Ordinaries were not welcome to the club and Harry was not willing to make an exception.

The sky had darkened while they had spoken and suddenly the first lightning came. The blonde chuckled. "It seems like we will be able to enjoy the storm together after all."
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Madeline looked out the window just in time to see a fork of lightening light up the sky. A cold snap crept down her spine simultaneously causing her to shiver.

“My Lady, your tea is ready. Would you like me to bring it in here or would you prefer to it in the sitting room?” Mary-Louise spoke quietly from the open archway which would lead further into the large townhouse.

Licking her lips, Madeline glanced at Harriet before moving away from her perch near the window, “The sitting room will be fine, Mary-Louise.” She told the younger girl as she picked up Her cigarette case and flip lighter.

“Would you like a cup of tea and some biscuits?” She asked Harriet.
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She straightened up as the younger woman entered the room. It struck her as funny that it was Madeline’s employees that made her feel selfconscious rather than Madeline herself.

Standing next to the window, her eyes left the angry sky to come rest on her host. “That’s why I came.” She teased with a twinkle in her eyes.

Again she waited for her host to sit before she sat in front of her. She observed Madeline and mimicked her movements as to how she was to consume her tea. Thunder was rumbling when she next spoke. “I think fondly of our walk in the park with Ulysses.” It made her feel shy to admit it, she wondered if the heat she felt on her cheeks would be noticed by her host.
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“Yes, of course, my apologies.” She blushed, something that was becoming a regular occurrence when she was in Harriet’s company. Madeline half expected the tiny capillaries in her face to burst every single time, permanently marking her.

Letting Mary-Louise pour her a cup of tea and then watching as she poured Harriet one as well, Madeline added tea spoon of sugar to her cup and then pushed the tray of milk and sugar over to Harriet. It wasn’t very English of her to not have milk in her tea, but she wasn’t the biggest fan of diary and had removed it from her diet completely a few years ago.

She cleared her throat. “Is that right? Well, I did appreciate your help...and your company.” She admitted.
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Harriet put a spoonful of sugar and cloud of milk in his tea before she took a sip. "What do you like to discuss when having tea with someone?" Harry asked a bit too flirtatiously.
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Lifting her gaze from Harriet to Mary-Louise as the blonde woman spoke, she stared at her young maid until the girl realized what her employer was silently telling her. Setting down the teapot, she didn't even look at Madeline before disappearing quietly.

Once they were alone, Madeline pursed her lips for second before leveling her guest with a scorching look. Though as if realizing what she was doing a moment later, Madeline frowned and then lowered her head. She breathed in through her nose and out through her mouth for a few beats before lifting her head again and staring at the space between Harriet's brows, "Usually whatever my guests like to discuss. Why don't you tell me how you got into the speakeasy business."
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Harriet chuckled. "Quite indecorous for a teatime topic." Harriet had not expected to share this story with Madeline but was not ashamed to do so. "I left my father's farm when I was 13, with nothing, but the clothes on my back and a small suitcase. I had to find a way to make money, but other than farm-related chores I didn't know how to do much." She shrugged, she had been resourceful and quick to learn, but still a young girl in the big city, there had not been many options for her.

"I could sing. So I went to a few clubs and one of the managers took fondly to me. He let me sing a few evening and eventually bartend." Harriet smiled gently as she went down memory lane. "He taught me about managing, we got married. When the prohibition started we had to adjust." She made the adjustment sound so simple.
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Madeline took two things away from Harriet's answer. The woman could sing and she was married. Unsure which one interested her more, the Englishwoman took a slow, drawn out sip from her teacup and then looked at the blonde curiously, "So you're married."