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"I was. My husband died a little over a year ago." She missed him dearly, she felt as though she always would, but at least now she managed to smile when she spoke of him. "That is how I became Manager." Most had expected Damon, the man who had been her husband's Assistant Manager to take over when he had died, but her husband had been clear in his will. She was to manage the speakeasy now. No one else.
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"Oh," Madeline breathed as her gaze softened. "I'm sorry for your loss. He sounds like a wonderful man."

So Harriet wasn't married, in fact she was a widow, much like Caterina, and just like when Madeline had learnt about Cat's husbands, the brunette was a little lost for words. Death always made her feel uncomfortable.
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"He was," Harriet confirmed with a sad smile.

She took a sip of tea. "What was it like growing up a Lady?" She was truly curious to hear about the woman's upbringing.
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Happy with the change of subject, Madeline reached for one of the homemade cranberry and granola cookies her cook had made fresh for her this morning and took a bite.

"Suffocating," She answered immediately as her mouth tightened, making the lines surrounding it stand out more than usual, "but it was my life and I didn't realize I could have anything else until I well...had it."

Breaking off a piece of her biscuit, she dunked it unladylike into her hot tea, "I enjoyed the privilege that came from that life, I still do, but that privilege came with a set of restrictions I could no longer follow. My Papa, he was kinder than he could have been by agreeing to send me here."
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"I suppose it would be restrictive." She struggled to find sympathy, Harriet had never been inclined to bemoan the sufferings of the higher class. She was about to ask if the woman thought her struggles would have been smaller had she grown up with less money, but she was so taken by the sight of the Lady dipping her cookie like a sharecropper that the challenging question died in her throat.

"How is your life better here?" Harriet truly wondered how American standards had helped Madeline.
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Reaching for her napkin, she wiped her fingers on it and then daintily patted at the edges of her mouth, "Well I certainly wouldn't be continuing on with Caterina. I also would not be," She waved a hand between them, "hosting you over to lunch. My Papa was very strict on who I could spend time with." When the man had caught her in bed with Judith Rutherford, he had stopped her from spending time with any other female who wasn't a family member. It had driven Madeline crazy.

"I am under no bodies rule here. It may have been my Father's idea, but I agreed happily."

Madeline sniffed and then took a sip of her drink, "But enough about that. You told me that your husband let you sing at the Speakeasy you now Manage. Do you still sing?"
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Harry saw the appeal of America now that Madeline was expressing the freedoms she allowed herself. "I'm glad you came." She finally offered with her usual grin.

Ah, the eternal conversation regarding her musical talents. "Very rarely," she admitted with a sad smile. "I rarely find the time. Oh, but actually Caterina has seen me sing." She thought of the night she had met the woman. How she had been compelled to sing for her.
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"That it was the most beautiful thing she had ever heard," Harriet teased with a wink. What had Caterina said? She tried to remember. "I think she asked why I had stopped singing." Or something to that effect.

Harriet sat a little straighter. The Longing for a more artistic career did weigh heavily on her chest at times. "Do you sing?"
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Madeline wasn't surprised that Caterina may or may not have complimented the blondes singing fervently, the redhead after all was very generous with her words.

"Do I sing?" She repeated the question, her brow furrowing. "Only during Christmas, but I haven't really sung in front of someone else for a very long time." Since she had moved across the Atlantic to be exact. She and her sister had sung together while their brother had played the piano for the family. Madeline had always been told she had a lovely voice, but she had always thought it was something people just said when they had been forced to listen.
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"The more important question is do you enjoy it?" She asked with a dreamy smile. Because that was what Harriet sold. Not just liquor and entertainment like most thought, but rather the lifestyle people dreamt of. The one that involved music, liquor and yes at times sex.
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She licked her lips and studied Harriet carefully. The blondes question held something more, something Madeline couldn't quite decipher, and that made her pause.

"I'm not sure, it has been a long time since I've actually sung somewhere other than my bathroom." She smiled lopsidedly. "There is definitely a specific type of pleasure one gets from performing. Perhaps I miss that."
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Madeline gazed at Harriet from across the table, her half finished tea suspended in the air, millimeters away from her mouth. Harriet was quite something, she could see why Caterina seemed so willing to work with her all things considered. She was...irresistible.

"Perhaps," She finally replied with a smirk before closing the distance between her cup and her mouth.