A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #349  by Nafretiri
Location: Blessed Isis Temple • Date: January

It had been weeks, perhaps months, since Nafretiri had visited with the strange god of night in his temple. She wondered about him sometimes, but she was still devoted to her lady, and to keeping up the appropriate rituals of her home. She braided her hair, lit candles, and sat in on teachings from those who had come from far away to pay their respects.

It was a strange time these days, with devotion to the old gods long forgotten and at times punished. But Nafretiri was mostly happy with her life, and her goddess, and she did not enjoy the bustle of the city as much as some.

For now it was morning, and Nafretiri had a large basket of linens that she carried down to the oasis to wash. She hummed a small tune to herself as she set the basket down and took a seat on a nearby rock.

Maybe she would us magic for it, today. It was always nice to practice.