A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

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Location: Near Hogwarts • Date: January 2

Alfhildr lunged at the target her father had set up for her, practicing with the mace she had purchased (or rather, he had purchased for her). It was no sword, but she wasn't too disappointed with how it handled. She struck down the target, straightening up and beaming with pride. It had been a long time coming, but she finally had a weapon she was comfortable with, and with the dragon attacks growing more frequent, she was finally confident that she could handle them.

With her training completed, the half giant wiped her forehead and glanced up at the horizon. Despite the blurriness she had come to see as normal, she couldn't spy anything out of the ordinary. Alfhildr sighed. All she wanted was to fight a dragon and win.
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Fortunately or not, the half-giant instead was met by a beast of more human stock. A loud laugh echoed over the field in which Alfhildr trained, as a large man approached. An enchanted axe glittered in the weak morning sun. "We meet again, my lady!" Guthmarr roared with a grin.
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Alfhildr whirled around, glaring at the familiar figure. It was the last person she would have wanted to see, considering he was the reason she had had to find a new weapon in the first place. She tightened her grip on her mace, watching the man warily. "What is your business in these parts?" she asked, rather curtly. It was clear that she had no fond feelings for Guthmarrr at all.
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Guthmarr let out a hearty laugh. The she-giant was as daring as ever. "A fine weapon you have, my lady," he replied with an exaggerated bow. "Bludgeoned many foxes with it? Crushed a few boulders?" Guthmarr laughed again. Of course a she-giant would choose a glorified club as a weapon.
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Truth be told, the only things she had bludgeoned with her mace were a few practice targets and tree stumps. Alfhildr had not had the chance to do much else with it, sadly. Not that the man needed to know. She rolled her eyes. "I should thank you, actually. Because of you, I might have found a weapon that suits me better than the sword," she replied. Maintaining her own bravado was key in encounters with this man, she figured. "And you? Have you made any more enemies in your own travels?" Surely with his attitude, he was hardly beloved by others.
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Still as feisty as ever, he saw. Still intimidated by his obviously superior skill, yet pretending otherwise. If she weren't so huge it would have been cute. Cricking his neck, Guthmarr hoisted his axe from off his back and rested it in his hands. "My dear lady," he began with an ironic smile, "I'm an outcast Dane in Alba. I'm an enemy of the very blades of grass by your feet. In this world, if a man goes through his life without making enemies, he leads a life not worth living. You, on the other hand, make enemies simply by opening your mouth. Frankly I'm surprised there's anything living around you at this point." There was a wicked glint in his eye as he said this, now casually swinging the blade of his axe along the the tips of the wild grass about him.
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The nerve of him. Alfhildr could hardly imagine how anyone could possibly be so rude. It was just her luck that she had the misfortune to have ever met the Dane. "Call me lady one more time, and I'll break your neck," she snarled, shifting her weight ever so slightly. She had tolerated it the few times he had already said it, but now it was starting to grate on her. "Insult me in any way and I'll make sure you never hold a sword again." Sometimes it was nice to have a giant's physique.
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Without any ceremony, without even her mace, Alfhildr launched herself at him, aiming grappling fingers at his neck. She would wipe the stupid, insulting grin off his face if it was the last thing she did.