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 #38568  by Can Zerdali
Location: The hotel bar • Date: May 12, 1979
Time of Day: 2.00 • Weather: Night

Can hadn't bothered to Apparate back to his Liverpool apartment. He hadn't wanted to bother his parents, either, despite the fact he was back in his hometown. It was too late, and he didn't feel like explaining to his family why he was in such a state. It would involve a lot more sharing than his record label allowed, and he didn't know how to broach the subject with them anyway.

He and Angus never fought. They were always on the same wavelength. Despite the obstacles that were put in their way, they stood strong, and they stood together. Or so it had been, until tonight.

After the fight, he'd made his way down to the bar of the hotel they'd booked for the Birmingham stretch of their tour. It was a Muggle hotel, but the barman was a friend of someone at Occult Records, he'd heard, and he made a mean Quafflepuncher.

Can sat at the bar, and ordered himself something called an Alohomora Legs, which, by the taste of it, he assumed contained an impressive amount of tequila. At least he could be alone here, and deal with his irritation without having any fans come up to him.
 #38807  by Jezeviel Degraph
Birmingham stretch? 'More like Boringham,' she'd complained when her bandmates had presented her with various excuses to turn in. She had still managed to make her way into Carmen's room, guitar in hand she had sung a few lines of a song that had insinuated its way in her mind. When her bandmate had started noting that writing music was a waste of time since the record label did not let them sing their own songs, the conversation had quickly turned sour.

Muttering about her bandmates' wobbly spines, the most outspoken member of the group had darted towards the hotel bar. Drinking alone was better than drinking in uninspired company.

Engrossed in her own solitude she didn't pay attention to the other patrons. She pointed towards a bottle with green liquid. "That one," she ordered impatiently. With her eyes, she dared the bartender to contest her request. She wanted the full bottle and she would get it.
 #38818  by Can Zerdali
Of course the night had to go from bad to worse, Can thought, when Jezeviel Degraph, one of the reasons his relationship was ailing, showed up at the hotel bar, right beside him, and ordered herself an entire bottle of whatever that neon green thing was. Absinthe? Or maybe some wizarding alcohol? Can didn't know all that much about alcohol. Usually, he only ever drank socially. Usually.

Can wasn't in a great mood. Not good enough for socializing, at any rate. He just wanted to be left alone to ruminate his feelings in peace, but of course he couldn't just ignore his pretend girlfriend in public, or else the label would have something to say about it. Of course, if he did talk to her, Angus would have something to say about that as well. What the hell was he supposed to do, anyway?

'Didn't think both our bands would be booked here,' he said as a greeting. It was true, he hadn't thought he'd see her here. And he was annoyed, but at this point it was an automatic thing, just playing along.
 #39065  by Jezeviel Degraph
Waging all fingers from both hands, she welcomed the bottle like someone requests a hug. She opened the bottle and drank from it despite the empty glass she had been given.

She turned towards her 'boyfriend', hugged her bottle to her chest, and leaned against the bar. "This is just the tip of things you don't know, Canooddles."
 #39168  by Can Zerdali
'Could fill an entire book, I'm told, Marul,' Can replied lightly. The petname was funny, or it could have been, if it came from someone who wasn't her. Someone who wasn't pretending to be dating him. Sometimes, he wondered what she got out of it. It had to be something. He got permission from the label to keep dating his partner. As if he ought to need it... Surely she was getting something too. Briefly he looked her over, wondering if she might be dating one of the girls in the Platonics. Who knew? It wasn't as though he was going to ask her, though.

'Bad night?'
 #39175  by Jezeviel Degraph
Were they allowed to smoke here? More importantly, did she care? She took a cigarette from the pack in her leather jacket. "Worst. A boring one," she answered before she placed the cigarette between her lips.

She offered Can one, but had strong suspicions the man would not accept it. "What problem are you trying to drown?" She asked him, almost amused with how intent he was when he drank sips from his drinks.
 #39179  by Can Zerdali
Can raised an eyebrow at Jezeviel's response. A boring evening would be nice. He could go for boring. It would be a lot better than an evening of fighting with the guy he loved. He would take boring a thousand times over their dumb argument. Angus wasn't being reasonable, but there was no way to tell him that without having him lose it entirely.

'Uhm, personal problems,' he replied, looking at his glass intently. He took the cigarette from her hands, and held it out towards her so that she might light it for him. Smoking was a terrible habit, but he did it socially. What was he supposed to do, just stand in other people's smoke cloud?
 #39201  by Random Event
Just then, a rowdy group of bachelors made their way through the hotel lobby. They were laughing, muggle in all appearance, and were finally looking forward to turning in for the night.

As the group passed the bar, one man stopped briefly to look at the couple. His eyes then immediately widened. "Wooo, Wyvern of Wye!" he shouted, drunkenly, excitedly. "Yeah, man!" But his friends began to pull him away. "Whatter you on about?" one of them asked. "You make up some funny stuff, mate."

And soon, the group was gone.
 #39258  by Jezeviel Degraph
Jezz turned her back to the rowdy bunch. While they matched her temperament, she wasn't in the mood to be recognized or chatted up by a gaggle of drunks.

"Such sophisticated fans you have," she mocked. The slight was mostly against the fans, but she didn't mind if the mockery splashed on her companion.
 #39260  by Can Zerdali
Can lifted his glass to the rowdy man who had recognized him, his winning, fake smile plastered on his face. 'Cheers, mate!' He called out to him.

As soon as the man and his friends left, Can's unhappy expression found its way back on his face. 'Don't diss the fans,' he said. 'We wouldn't have a label, if we didn't have fans.' He took a sip of his drink, tentatively, then threw his head back and drank it all down. 'But then I suppose that would solve a lot of problems,' he said.
 #39290  by Jezeviel Degraph
Indeed it would. The label was the bane of her existence, the wings by which she flew and yet the shackles by which she was restrained. "They won't let us sing our own songs," she mumbled against the brim of her bottle. "In fact," she heard herself continue, "the only reason why we are dating is because they promised me to consider letting us sing our own songs. If I managed to sell us well, of course."

She had never revealed her motivations for 'dating Can,' she wondered how he would react.
 #39291  by Can Zerdali
'Ha!' Can replied, though it wasn't much of a laugh at all. There was no joy in it. 'That's not the only reason we're dating,' he said. He held out the unlit cigarette to her. 'Light this.'

The guitarist took another look at his glass, and took a sip. 'Do you honestly think I would have agreed to date you just for the hell of it?' She had to have known they were dangling something above his head. She couldn't possibly think he just went with it for fun. This fake relationship was not fun. But then again, Can was rather sure that she did not give a damn about him at all.
 #39321  by Can Zerdali
Can put the cigarette between his lips, and took a long drag, both his hands grasping his glass as he exhaled the smoke. Closing his eyes, he took another drag, and took the cigarette out of his mouth, tapping it above the counter.

'Nothing,' he said, turning to look at her. 'You don't find me interesting anyway, Jezeviel.' What did she care?