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 #31131  by Astrid Iver
Astrid snorted at his words that seemed to touch on sarcasm, and she soon downed her drink and placed it on the side. She was seemingly downing expensive brandy more often now. She turned to him as he began his conclusion, and she remained stoic despite his words.

But it was within a moment that she closed the gap between them, hands clasping around his collar, and she dragged him down into a passionate kiss. Perhaps the most passionate since before the incident at the beach. She wrapped her arm around his neck, spare hand lacing into his hair and body pressing against his. Sure enough, she broke the kiss, but remained in close proximity, looking into his dark eyes.

"I do not hate you, Nathan. I have never hated you; felt frustrated, aggravated, infuriated, distraught with you. But I have never hated you for what you are. I knew from the first moment that you would be a challenge in many aspects, but that isn't equated to a lack of love."

She slid her hands down his chest before they fell from him, standing directly in front of him as she spoke.

"I have felt so demoralised and weak for the past month, that I feel I must do something to regain my confidence. It isn't something you can just give me. It isn't something you can hold my hand through. I want to take it; I want to feel like I am just as much of a force. Part of it is to hurt you, but in reality...I am doing things for my goals with my business project. I needed Hunter to work directly for me; could I have told you or asked you? Yes. That was the part of hurting you. But I didn't take him away just for that - there is a very specific reason."

She pursed her lips, and looked away, taking a step back.

"I feel as though I am screaming into the void after what happened at the beach. I am embarrassed - even more so after the night with dark magic. A part of me desperately wants to try again in a more controlled fashion, for the sake of Soren, and perhaps I will enjoy it more if it is not so abrupt. But another part is...well...I shan't say it, but it was extremely evident from my reactions, I'm sure."

She took a breath.

"I will warn you; I will be doing one more act to instill that I am not a coward - not for your sake, but for my own piece of mine. Once that is done, we can work on...happiness, I suppose."
 #31140  by Nathan Iver
Nathan was taken about by her passionate kiss.

Well... whatever did it for her he suppose! He would not complain...

But as she spoke on once more he knit his brows, looking down at her almost suspiciously. At least she did not try to counter the bullshit that he had called her out on. Then as she finished he said,

"Oh? One more thing... one more thing that I am not to be privy to? So I cam safely assume I wold not approve?" he raised a brow at her. "One more thing to try and prove you can out maneuver me?"
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"Yes," said Nathan. "I just want you to know that I intend to never make love to you again wile under the influence of dark magic. So you do not even need to contemplate the question. It was a mistake on your part to ask and on mine to give. I am removing the option."
 #31143  by Astrid Iver
Astrid blinked. She slowly nodded, pursing her lips.

"Then..." She took a heaving breath. "Then I will perhaps need to rethink my principals and learn the art myself. It may work if I am the one controlling it..."

She swallowed.

"I need a son, Nathan. And more so, I need a son talented in those arts. More than anything."
 #31151  by Nathan Iver
Nathan stared at her, long and hard, before saying, "Are you listening to yourself? You mocked me for my attachments to the dark arts just moments ago... yet you want to pass this onto your son?"

Stepping closer to her he said, "If you want a son that is talented in the dark arts I will train him to be the best. I will train him to surpass me with nothing held back. Nothing further needs to be done than this."
 #31153  by Astrid Iver
"I want our legacy to be something to be feared for centuries; I want there to be books written about the dark magic passed through our blood; I want every pureblood out there to envy us in what we have created."

Astrid looked up into his eyes.

"That's a lot to teach a boy. Are you positive you can do that, without the head start?"
 #31156  by Nathan Iver
"Yes, absolutely," Nathan snapped. "And I am feeling a bit offended that you don't believe I could. Would you like a demonstration of my teaching abilities? Would you like me so show you exactly what I can accomplish? Will that take these mad ideas from your head and let you relax a moment?!"
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Nathan looked at her in silence a moment, considering. He turned his head and looked off out the window as many thoughts flashed through his mind, but finally looking back at her he said,

"No. No I will not. I will not make my daughter into a lab rat because of your obsession with an as of yet non existent son."

Turning from Astrid then and walking slowly towards the large, floor length windows, he said, "Someone needs to reign you back from your madness Astrid. And clearly I am the only one brave enough to do it."

Stopping to gaze out onto the property he said, "Your obsession with Dorian is a false narrative. He is not going to be some great and powerful wizard. I am not going to teach him the dark arts. Aidan has no knowledge on them or interest so he won't either. And Viola has no interest in her son to begin with. She isn't going to send him off to apprentice to anyone. Even if she tried I am sure Aidan would put his foot down on that. He isn't going to be a threat because no one will tell him who his father is. Of those who do know... I will let it be known I will kill any man who tells him. what you really need to ask yourself is... why you doubt your own genes, and your own talent as a mother so greatly... that you think that a child, who is a mix of my genes and Violas, parented by her as well... will come even close to being a better wizards then a son who is part of you and I? Raised with everything we can possibly give him?"

Nathan turned and looked at her then, questioningly.
 #31166  by Astrid Iver
Astrid opened her mouth to retort, but snapped it shut and silenced herself. She thought for a long moment, and then turned from him pouring yet another glass of brandy.

"I don't know..." She muttered. "Perhaps internally I am unsure of my own talents in comparison to that whore. Perhaps I doubt my own merits. Perhaps I am inflating it due to what happened between us. Or I am simply jealous. Or feeling undervalued. Or...I'm not sure. Perhaps I am simply bitter because I find myself desiring your attention more than ever, and it isn't that Dorian is a threat to Ingrid, but he is a threat to me."

She took a healthy swig of her drink, tempted already to top it up.
 #31171  by Nathan Iver
Nathan looked at her curiously, then realization began to dawn on him.

After looking her over a moment he said, "You are afraid that if Dorian turns out to be something special, something praise worthy, something to be proud of... that I might look at you as less than. Or... that if I feel pride in Dorian from afar... I might feel some sort of pride or joy in Viola as she was the other half of his creation?"

He had never quite... thought of it that way...