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 #34377  by Marley Dalton
Location: The English Countryside • Date: January 2004

She had wished for a day full of colors yet when the moon had gone the greys had remained. A world born of whiteness had appeared under a thick fog.

As the clouds sat upon the earth, Marley carried her easel and her basket of paints. While the morning was not as colorful as she had wished, it was still a beautiful sight. The countryside mountains stood proud behind a veil of thick mist that absorbed its rich greens and turned them into faded teals.

In some way, this dimmed world suited her state of mind. While she still confronted the world with a cheerful attitude, she felt as though it required more effort as of late.
 #35263  by Nikau Harrison
It was too early for this kind of thing. Why did criminals not sleep at regular, normal people hours? Who in their right mind started to duel at this time of day, right out in the streets? Of course the neighbours had advised the Ministry, which is why he was there, but they'd failed to provide clear instructions of where to apparate, so Nikau was stuck trekking through a field in the hopes of reaching the village where the unlawful duel was.

No one was out at this time. Not even the farmers, if the still sleeping roosters were anything to go by. No one was out here, which was why he was walking with his wand out, taking purposeful strides.
 #35434  by Marley Dalton
The easel stood before her while she focused on her color plate. Whites, greys, blues, and yellows had been squirted on the small wooden dish in an attempt to recreate the blinding fog that hugged the hills.

She was studying the puddle of muddled colors when she lifted her eyes and caught a figure in the mist. Another painter, she dared hope as she noticed what seemed to be a long paintbrush in his hand.
 #35453  by Nikau Harrison
Nikau walked hurriedly, only now starting to look around as it was starting to get lighter. Wouldn't want to get caught with his wand out in a Muggle community, not when it was precisely something along this line that he was coming to stop...

And right he was, too, because at that very instant, he spotted a figure in the distance, and he hurriedly shoved his wand back up his sleeve. Maybe this person could inform him, though.

'Excuse me,' he called out, starting to walk towards the small figure. Was it a child? Or was it a crouching adult? 'Any chance you could point me towards Briantspuddle?'
 #35744  by Marley Dalton
He had hidden his paintbrush, but nevertheless she would treat him as an artist as she could not think of any other excuse to be walking in the countryside at this hour with such a thick mist.

"Briantspuddle," the stick-tip of her paintbrush pressed against her temple as she attempted to situate herself. She was not known for her sense of direction. "I'm tempted to say it's behind me as I came from there, but I don't think I walked in a straight line." Who did?
 #35767  by Nikau Harrison
Nikau observed the woman as she spoke. He supposed she might just be an artist, as that was impression she was giving off with the easel, paints, and the paintbrush she was holding. But he was an Auror, and part of that job meant constant suspicion. Maybe the whole artist spiel was a cover and she was one of the people who had been duelling... He had to cover all his bases.

'I see. And what exactly are you doing here this early? Police,' he added.
 #35895  by Marley Dalton
"Painting," she smiled seemingly unphased by the man's revelation.

"Am I in trouble for being on someone's private property?" It would not be the first time and likely not the last, the artist hardly took property into consideration when she witnessed a beautiful landscape.
 #35897  by Nikau Harrison
'I see,' Nikau repeated. He observed her further, and deemed her not to be a threat. At least not for now. 'You have the right to roam, so long as you're not vandalizing property,' he recited. If you were going to pretend to be a police constable, you should at least know Muggle law.

'What are you painting?' He needed to be on his way. Crime didn't take a break on account of meeting painters, but it would certainly seem suspicious if he did not say a few niceties. She hadn't seemed too suspicious of the fact he was wearing a cloak, but maybe that was due to the weak light. Maybe he'd just be lucky.
 #36326  by Marley Dalton
"The mist," she answered as she started mixing paints on her palette.

Concentrating on the colors she forgot about his presence for a moment. "Water is the hardest element to paint," she observed loudly though she was speaking to herself.
 #36357  by Nikau Harrison
Nikau nodded as though he understood what the woman meant. He was no artist, had never had a head for it, really. He was a concrete man, who didn't like to stay still and needed to be in the thick of it. Contemplation had never been his strong suit.

'I'll take your word for it,' he replied politely. 'Now, if you'll excuse me, I have policing matters to attend to.' Nodding slightly, he was once more on his way.

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 #37284  by Nikau Harrison
It was far too early still for this kind of nonsense. Had Nikau known this mission was so ridiculous, he would have stayed home. There was no emergency here, just an inventive duellist who had crafted a dummy to fire hexes at her, much like a tennis ball machine, so that she could practice her defensive spells. And it had been in her yard, not the middle of the street. Nosy neighbours. Nothing to send the Chief Auror over. Nothing to send anyone over to Briantspuddle. What a waste of time.

The only good thing about it was that the café on the edge of the village was open, and he had gone to buy himself a nice cuppa. He walked back to the field from where he'd Portkeyed here, aiming to ride the tin can back to the Ministry.

On his way, he walked by the painter once more, and stopped beside her easel, and handed her one of his two cups of coffee.

'I don't know how you drink it,' he said. 'But I got you same as I drink: black, with a little milk.'
 #37964  by Marley Dalton
As if solving a puzzle, the painter had focused on the edges of her canvas. "More white," she murmured to herself as a droplet of paint squeezed out of the tube.

She did not hear him approach and yet he did not startle her. She turned towards him. "That's kind," she observed. She took a better look at him. "Would you like to try?" she extended her paintbrush towards him.
 #38010  by Nikau Harrison
'Oh, er,' Nikau replied, himself startled. He hadn't expected to be asked to participate in the painting. 'I'm sure I'm rubbish at it,' he said. 'Not sure I would do your painting much good.' He would love to try, of course, but this offer was just out of the blue, and he didn't want to ruin her day by ruining her painting.