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 #27451  by Arsene
My Saturdays are pretty full until at least July 5th. My last summer class starts next Monday so I'll know what my weekly due date is for homework. This is an 8 week course so it shouldn't be so jam packed like my current 6 week class, but I will let you know on Monday.

@Jason lol it's like my professor knew. My Saturdays in July are all free.
 #27757  by Laura
July is absolutely fine, I am going to be doing a couple of playtests for a new campaign one of the mods that run a gaming server I am on in July but they look as though they will be early morning sessions. So I am all up for it.
 #28642  by Jason
Guys, real life has been hectic, so I'm falling way behind here and my Saturday evenings sort of got poached by other things. My sincere apologies!

How do the last two Saturdays of July look for folks? I'm actually pondering a morning Central time / afternoon UK time start now just from a kid logistics standpoint.

Saturday 7/20:
Start anytime after 8 a.m. central US time - End by about 5 pm central

Saturday 7/26
Start anytime after 8 a.m. central - End by 3pm central

What about Sunday the 21st?