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"These are dark times, there is no denying..."
Scrimgeour said it first, but we're feeling it in the real world and we know you are too!

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 #36203  by Ejder
Not so much a game, I guess, but it's not a discussion. I just think it would be nice to pay attention to our fellow players sometimes, and tell them we appreciate them.

So yeah, just reply to this thread, and tell the poster above you something you like about them! Maybe it's a joke they made, their writing style, how welcoming and engaging they are in the Discord, maybe you think their latest char is great... Whatever it is, tell them!

We don't often enough tell the people we care about that we value them, and I think we could do with a bit more of that.

Also, let's not let this thread go too long without a new reply. There's plenty of love to go around!

Also you don't have to compliment me, the first person to reply can just call dibs on being first if they like.
 #36256  by Vyreia
Of course I'm going to pay you a compliment!

You come up with some of the most magically fun characters, even down to their name; Dinosaur is literally the most hilarious name there is on this board. The close second is Iguana, and you came up with that one too. Your characters always seem to make me laugh with they get into those awkward situations and make light out of things!
 #36271  by Ejder
One of the things I appreciate about you is that you are caring. I know sometimes I'm a mess, but you pick up on it everytime, and you're always there to offer a helping hand and an ear. It just feels nice. You care and you want people to be comfortable and happy here, which is extremely valuable. I'm super thankful for your kindness.