A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #38196  by Dede
Alright ya'll. THIS is my all time favorite role playing game: Duck, Duck.... Goose! The way it works is you decide if the person above you is a duck or a goose. If they are a duck, nothing happens. If they are a goose, you can dare them to do something (either in OOC or IC).

Example 1 (OOC Dare):
Person A: Duck!
Person B: GOOSE! Please put "Dede is the best, most perfect princess" in your signature for week.

Example 2 (IC Dare):
Person A: Duck!
Person B: Goose! One of your characters is suddenly obsessed with food for your next thread. For at least two posts, they must eat at least two different things.

THERE CANNOT BE TWO GEESE IN A ROW. At least one duck in between all geese.

If you are goosed and the challenge doesn't work for you, just DM the person who gave you the challenge and ask for it to be switched.

NOW..... The board is a duck, obvi.

 #38197  by Vyreia
I've never played this before! It seems like loads of fun!