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List of Main Canon Characters
★ Albus Dumbledore
★ Albus Severus Potter
★ Draco Malfoy — played by @TyrellRose
★ Gellert Grindelwald
★ Godric Gryffindor
★ Harry Potter — played by anon
★ Helga Hufflepuff
★ Hermione Granger — played by @bathdub mermaid
★ James Potter
★ James Sirius Potter
★ Lord Voldemort
★ Lily Evans
★ Lily Luna Potter
★ Newt Scamander
★ Peter Pettigrew
★ Queenie Goldstein
★ Remus Lupin
★ Ron Weasley --Played by @Lemon
★ Rowena Ravenclaw
★ Salazar Slytherin
★ Severus Snape
★ Scorpius Malfoy
★ Sirius Black
★ Tina Goldstein

Taken Supporting Characters

Don't see a character you want to play? It's probably available!

We don't list all available Secondary Characters because there are just so many characters in the Harry Potter series, but if they exist in the books or movies, are not taken, and are not listed as a Main Character, they're up for grabs!

Unavailable Secondary Characters
A: Astoria Greengrass (anon)

G: @Ginny Weasley (@bathdub mermaid)

M: Minerva McGonagall (@Kay)

N: Nymphadora Tonks (Dede)

P: @Peeves the Poltergeist (@Ejder)
@Percy Weasley (@TyrellRose)