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 #29430  by Freddie Crookes
My Name or Nickname: Vy
OOC Account: Vyreia
Quills Account(s): Vyreia

NAME: Frederick 'Freddie' Crookes
DATE OF BIRTH: 25 - Jan - 1980
BIRTH COUNTRY: Sheffield, England

PRIMARY ERA: Reformation Era

Concept: A young wizard with some old views, desperate to be heard, even if it takes more than just words
Other Eras & Jobs: Golden - 6th year Hogwarts, Slytherin

Appearance: Slim with perhaps the start of toned muscles, thin face, brown hair and grey eyes. He has several face piercings, and definitely enjoys the shocked looks from them. He often has a scowl on his face.
Ethnicity: White British
Personality: Freddie is abrasive, argumentative, and highly opinionated. He likes to make other people feel uncomfortable and enjoys getting a reaction, whether it's negative or positive. He fancies himself a Casanova, but it is very evident that he is far too blunt and aggressive to flirt effectively.

Recent History: Freddie has recently moved to London after his on-again-off-again employer has expressed there being work opportunities there. He's not happy about the move as he finds the community less than enjoyable. Although, he also finds his employer's new company partners to be irritating, as is his new team leader. Ugh! He plans to take that man's job eventually, but until then, he will continue to work freelance as a lackey for underground groups. After all, the money's good.
Current Goals: To get a new team leader, or even better, to overthrow him and make his presence known to the rest of the security members. He also plans to get a new tattoo on his back.

Hobbies: Smoking, drinking, other recreational substances, partying
Loyalties: Himself
Mental Strengths: Determined, independent, fun in specific company
Mental Weaknesses: Closed-minded, brash, aggressive, hot-tempered, hedonistic
Magical Strengths: Offensive magic, flying, potions, DADA
Magical Weaknesses: Herbology, Magizoology, arithmancy, transfiguration

Strongest Childhood Memory: Being forced to play with other kids at primary school just so everybody felt included, despite the fact that he didn't like them
Secret They'll Never Tell: He's jealous of of his team leader
 #29475  by Arsene

Welcome to the Wizarding World, Freddie!

It'll be interesting to see how Freddie navigates all these new dynamics at his former employer. You might like to begin your story in Summer Treat, which takes place in Diagon Alley, or by using one of the following thread ideas:

★ One of Freddie's contacts has a particularly difficult job if he's willing to take it. He'll need to get through US customs, though, which has strengthened in the wake of the terrorist attacks 2 years prior. Is he looking for a thrilling job?

★ Markus Scarrs Indelible Tattoos is having an exhibition for new tattoo artists which means fees will be discounted heavily. Now would be a great time for Freddie to get that back tattoo!

Before you jump in...