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 #40270  by Ailsa Alexander
My Name or Nickname: Sarah
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How I found Vault 713:I was looking online for some roleplaying sites and came across this.
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NAME: Ailsa Alexander
DATE OF BIRTH: July 22, 1982
EMPLOYER: Hogwarts Student
POSITION: 5th year

COUNTRY FLAG: St. Andrew's Cross the Saltire

Concept: Ailsa Alexander is someone who wants to make it out of Hogwarts one day and become a healer. She enjoys working with plants and learning new potions.
Other Eras & Jobs: Refromation Era Healer

Appearance: Ailsa has short choppy brown hair. Her eyes are round and blue. Most days, she wears square glasses. She loves to wear slacks and blouses on most days. When she is at home, she can be seen in pajamas.
Ethnicity: White
Personality: Ailsa is a bubbly, cheerful girl. She always waves and says hello to everyone that she meets. Ailsa hardly ever gets angry, and if she does, she chooses to walk away rather than deal with it.

Backstory: Ailsa Alexander was born on July 22, 1982, to Grace Alexander nee Aileanach, who's a half-blood witch, and Rory Alexander was is a muggle-born wizard. She came into this world quiet as a mouse but started to cry a few seconds later. Growing up, Ailsa lived with her mother, father, and three younger siblings as the oldest Ailsa was tasked with looking after them, which she never minded. At the age of three, in a fit of rage over her parents telling her that she would have another sibling, Ailsa made a book fall off the bookshelf. Her parents were pleased to learn that she was a witch, after all.

It shocked Ailsa that the book fell off the shelf, but she was excited to pick up the book. Ailsa had clapped when she went to get the book. The book looked interesting to her. It had a pretty plant on the cover, which started her journey into learning about plants. From then on out, she looked for plants where ever Ailsa went.

Ailsa spent her childhood summers when she didn't attend muggle school, helping her mother out at the local bookshop that her mother worked at. Her father, on the other hand, worked at the local food store. Money was always tight for them, but Ailsa never minded sharing her things with her siblings. From a young age, Ailsa enjoyed learning all about the plants around her.

At the age of eleven, Ailsa got her Hogwarts letter. She jumped up and down with joy. Finally, she wouldn't have to go to the muggle school each year. Her parents wanted her and her siblings to understand both worlds because of her father, a muggle-born. It's not that she didn't enjoy it, but nothing beat being able to attend Hogwarts like her parents before her.

Recent History: First Year of Hogwarts: While Ailsa had some friends before Hogwarts, it was hard for her to make friends at Hogwarts during her first year. Most of her days were spent in the library or greenhouses, learning all she could about plants. If she wasn't there, she was off studying about potions or playing chess. Ailsa mostly kept to herself. She really didn't care about the person who escaped Azkaban. It was of no use to her.

Second Year of Hogwarts: She made a few friends after getting used to being back at Hogwarts. Ailsa realized there was more to life than just plants and potions. While at school, she did cheer on the Hogwarts champions. Ailsa didn't care who brought home the victory because it was a win for Hogwarts either way.

Third-year at Hogwarts: Ailsa was there to cheer on her brother Alec as he got sorted. She was thrilled to have one of her siblings there with her at Hogwarts. Ailsa spent the time trying to stay away from Umbridge. It was easy to keep her head down and do what was asked of her in class. Ailsa didn't want to cause any trouble. Her brother loved to follow her and her friends around. For the most part, Ailsa didn't mind it, but it did get on her nerves.

Fourth-year at Hogwarts: Entering her fourth year at Hogwarts, Ailsa took time to study more because she wanted to get better grades. Ailsa felt like she could do better in school. Add in the fact that her parents wanted her to do good knowing a war was coming and there was nothing they could do to stop it. It got to the point where she wouldn't spend time with her friends nor her brother, who was the second year. Dumbledore's death torn her up. She couldn't believe someone so powerful could die.

Fifth-year at Hogwarts: Her mother didn't want her to go back to Hogwarts because of the war. Ailsa's father went on the run to keep his family safe. It would be weird going back, but Ailsa felt she would be safest at Hogwarts than at home. Plus, her sister was starting her first year at Hogwarts. Plus, they were required to go back. Ailsa was going to keep her head down as best as she could this year. But she would do what she could to help out because she didn't want Voldemort to win.

Current Goals: Ailsa wants to survive the war and go on to do great things. She wants to protect and keep her family safe.

Hobbies: Ailsa loves to play chess. She also spends as much time as she can with her brother and two sisters. Ailsa enjoys brewing potions in her spare time. Another hobby is spending time learning all about healing or tending to plants.
Loyalties: Her loyalties lie with her family and the Order.
Mental Strengths:
Mental Weaknesses:
Magical Strengths: Herbology and Potions.
Magical Weaknesses: Defense Against The Dark Arts, Transfiguration, and History of Magic.

Strongest Childhood Memory: Ailsa was playing outside with her little brother Alec when he first showed signs of having magical powers.
Secret They'll Never Tell: She will never tell anyone that her brother is Trans because it's not her story to tell. It's her brothers.

Pets: Barn Owl named Otter
Wand: Beechwood and dragon heartstring 9"
Boggart: Her brother and sisters laying there dead.
Prized Possession: Her pet owl Otter.
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 #40272  by TyrellRose
Ailsa Alexander

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 #40273  by Becky
Welcome to the Wizarding World,
@Ailsa Alexander !
Welcome to Vault 713! Were always excited to see a new face join our ranks!

Ailsa seems like she's a sweet loving kind of girl, perfect temperament for her future career as a Healer, but for now she'll fit in quite nicely with her fellows in Hufflepuff! You might like to begin your story in In the Golden Era by either:

★ Starting a thread to show how poor Ailsa is holding up under the horrible Carrow Twins
★Or show her taking times to hide in the Greenhouses finding some peace in the crazed world.

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