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PostPosted:15 Dec 2019, 19:05
by Morgana

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My Name or Nickname:Morgana
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NAME: Freya Craft
BIRTH COUNTRY: Devon, England
EMPLOYER: Hogwart student 5th year


What is the concept for your character?
Freya grew up in household of marriage that were arranged before birth. But Freya has learn how to get what she want at very young age. When she was very young she knew how to twist her parent into giving her what she want by throwing herself on the floor and having tantrum that when she start showing sign of magic it torn the house apart. They send her school that is figuring she would grow out of it. She is very secretive and selective of the friends she has that is they have to benefit her and wanting to escape her parents gasp.
What other eras will they be active in and what will their job be in each era?
contract model at Bonheur in reformation era

What does your character look like?
Freya has ginger like hair that seem that seem to barrel like curl and that come down the middle of her back. That is her hair look like the color of fire. She has dark brown eyes that is look pretty much normal too look at. Her skin seem perfect not single blemish which she very proud of.
Where can we find your character when their story first begins?
Her story begin at hogwart writing a letter to her house elf on how much she miss Hoopey. That is she miss his song he sung to get her to asleep and when he tuck her in at night. She choose to hide the letter she write to a him in her sock right after making her way down to grandhall for dinner.
What was life like for your character one year before their primary era?
She was fighting with her parent mostly on the subject on arrange marriage. She would do it only if it was open marriage and that just steam her parents. The fact she point out her aunt choice not get marriage and she rather be like her. But still her aunt had companion but because he was wrong blood status keep the both of them apart. Though he and her sneak around he was animgus that happen mountain lion. He shortly disappear after her aunt pass away wanting nothing to do with her relative and cut ties and she wants to do that same.
Who is someone from your characters past who influenced who they are today?
Her aunt Astra.
What does your character think their strongest and weakest traits are?
Sly, enigmatic,modest,planful
What is something your character wants but does not have?
A thestral
What are their current short term and long term goals?
She wants to go out in the world that is get shadow of what her parents want her to be. But if they chase her down she intend to make her parent disappear if they come after her.
What is your character doing now to work toward their goals?
She is currently going to school and learning from other students. She enjoy listening to other students talk about their dreams and goal they have she learn by watching them and listening to what they do and she plan to go through with her plan.
What is something your character would never tell anyone about themselves?
That she might murder her parent to escape their gasp and her husband they might arrange for them marriages.
What is their strongest childhood memory?
That is meeting her aunt companion when he was mountain lion. She already decide she might try to do that. She want to learn knowing she might not be that but she thought was fun and riding house boat with her aunt.