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 #34107  by Aisis
My Name or Nickname: Aisis
OOC Account Name: Aisis
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
Discord Username: Aisis
How I found Vault 713: RPG-Directory
My Previous Roleplaying Experience: I have been roleplaying for 8+ years now. I have mostly been roleplaying on HP Sites but have dabbled in RL websites, fantasy and fiction.
My Favorite Harry Potter Character: Draco Malfoy
Did you read the Character Creation Guide before posting? Yes

NAME: Bailey Shea
CHARACTER TYPE: Half-Blood Wizard
EMPLOYER: Hogwarts School
POSITION: 1st Year Hufflepuff

COUNTRY FLAG: London UK Country Flag
PRIMARY ERA: Reformation Era

Concept: Bailey Shea, an 11yr old Half-blood born Wizard. Born from a Half-blood mother and muggle father. His father has some 'issues' that are not known to Bailey as of yet and his mother wants to remain estranged to him. His parents' backgrounds and how they met or how he was even conceived are a mystery to him. Though many others would question this, the little puff had more things to worry about and wonder. However, when he is older and things are more understandable to him, he will question more about his own existence.
Other Eras & Jobs: None others for now.

Appearance: Short for a boy, age 11. Thin and lacking any muscle. Weak and scrawny.
Personality: Bailey is a deep thinker and very intelligent. Naive and gullible but will always stand up for what he believes is right. Emotional and sensitive when things get too overwhelming. Reserved, private and stubborn when it comes to trust. Overall Bailey is a sweetheart. He's a gentle boy and strives to be a kind and loving person.

Backstory: Born 2/15/1993 in London, UK. His mother, a half-blood witch had sent him to be with his father before moving back to her homeland in Oslo, Norway. His father, a muggle residing in a little townhouse in London, UK. The only link Bailey has with his mother is the agreement to pay for his education and living expenses as long as Bailey never sought her out or mentioned her name. She wanted no connection with Bailey and had started a new family, having other children. No one was to know the boy came from her.

Bailey's father wasn't any better either. The boy had to learn to care for himself at a very young age, for his father was an Alcoholic and Addict. It wasn't as though the boy was abused. However, he was mentally and emotionally withdrawn from his father. The man never spoke a single word to him and for most of his life, was rarely ever there mentally. The man would sit in his chair and zone out to a whole other dimension. As though someone obliviated him, one too many times.

He had a roof over his head though, food in his stomach, most days and the whole house to roam and have adventures in. Though the most exciting day was receiving his Hogwarts letter. Bailey always knew he was magical of sorts. Frequent letters came by Owl... Mostly to his father. The man would be even more so emotionally distant than usual when they arrived. Bailey suspects they were instructions from his mother. It wasn't long after they arrived that he would be enrolled in a muggle school and learning his alphabet and numbers.

So when Bailey would get really emotional and little things started to happen, it didn't surprise him too much. A bear would nudge itself over to him, a pillow would burst and there would be floating feathers everywhere. It's what kept him going... Magic had this enate possibility of hope. Like hope for a better life.

Recent History: Bailey has only ever received one note with a gift from his mother. She expressed sorrow and pain for being a bad mother and asks for forgiveness but still expresses the importance of keeping their connection a secret. This was the letter he had received with his Hogwarts acceptance letter.
Current Goals:

Hobbies: Bailey loves to read books. He goes on adventures within the pages. From the oceans to the Victorian Era. He has traveled to many locations and different Eras within each page. It was nearly the only way to entertain himself growing up in a small townhouse where he was too afraid to roam outdoors, aside from going to his muggle school.
Loyalties: His mother.
Mental Strengths:
Mental Weaknesses:
Magical Strengths:
Magical Weaknesses:

Strongest Childhood Memory: A woman holding him and crying his name.
Secret They'll Never Tell: Who their mother is. He made a personal promise to himself and to his mother.

Pets: N/A
Wand: 9 1/8in Salix Wood Wand with Unicorn Hair Core
Boggart: Dark figure, cloaked in black. Known to him as the Reaper from many of his books and Nightmare.
Prized Possession: His teddy bear. The only gift Bailey knows was given to him by his mother through an owl she sent before going off to school.