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NAME: Lorelei
DATE OF BIRTH: 1985,feb 9th
BIRTH COUNTRY: coast of Caribbean
POSITION: Songstress

COUNTRY FLAG: Country Flag
PRIMARY ERA: Reformation Era

What is the concept for your character?
Lorelei was a name after her mother Loreley because her father want her name to live on through her though she does has 4 other sisters. But none look quiet like her mother but look more like her father.She was youngest and was consider the beauty of the pearl of her father and he is extremely protective of her.
What other eras will they be active in and what will their job be in each era?
golden era
What does your character look like?
Lorelei had always been different then most merpeople counterpart that most wizards saw. She had what people lure about her that cause muggle to well jump off the ship that is muggle found appealing. She has long red hair that came down where her bottom would be and end there. She has green scale tail instead of legs that is instead of feet that she use to a swim with. She has light blue eyes that are almost like sky blue to a look at. She wear what she find comfortable in regard to a wearing upper range.
Where can we find your character when their story first begins?
She was on way to her way home when she notice innocent dolphin trap in fishing net she decide to help it. She went down below and she start cutting it with knife she found in the water and she did her best to not be seen by sailor intend on hurting animal when pull it up they found that there net was damage and dolphin gone.
What was life like for your character one year before their primary era?
She was known to tease young sailor out into boat in the water and even some married wizard jumping lake that is chase after her and even single well.
Who is someone from your characters past who influenced who they are today?
Her pet horned serpent that give her advice.
What does your character think their strongest and weakest traits are?
What is something your character wants but does not have?
A serious relationship with a person or another merman.
What are their current short term and long term goals?
To become well known as a singer that even wizard themselves would love to a hear her.
What is your character doing now to work toward their goals?
She has join a group of mermaid who were interest same goal but she also plan to hire other mermen for protection
What is something your character would never tell anyone about themselves?
She is a little curious about wizarding world some that is more then the muggle world.
What is their strongest childhood memory?
Lorelei climbing up on her horned serpent and it leaping out the water over net that trap them both. And muggle just stood mouth hanging open and was indeed shock by what they indeed saw on the ship they were on. The minster of magic had time covering that up.