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 #36851  by Vyreia
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NAME: Md. Emir Faisal Al-Rashid
DATE OF BIRTH: 12-Mar-1960
EMPLOYER: Egyptian Ministry of Magic
POSITION: Minister for Magic

COUNTRY FLAG: Saudi Arabia
PRIMARY ERA: Reformation Era

Concept: A middle-aged Saudi man who has finally earned the power he deserves, and is certainly going to put it to use.
Other Eras & Jobs: Golden, Egyptian Ministry Vizier (adviser)

Appearance: Emir is far taller than average, and is often well-groomed and well looked after. He believes that first appearances mean everything, and thus ensures that he is always well-dresses and prepared for any occasion. His beard is trimmed and shaped as per the modern trend, though likes to indulge in tradition by wearing his keffiyeh at all times. Under his keffiyeh is a mop of thick black hair which is very rarely shown in public, if at all. Due to his recent jump in status, he has adopted the fashion of gold threading and black silks to highlight his reign.
Ethnicity: Arabic
Personality: Emir is a cold and calculating man; he doesn't indulge too much in festivities, rarely shares his thoughts and feelings, and will often speak bluntly. He believes that it's his brutal honesty that got him to the position he's in, but he must also know that it's something else. He's not above bribery, or capitalistic structures, or anything else that would gain him favours in the court. In some instances, he has shown that he is completely heartless, and is not afraid to spill blood to get what he needs. The only difference is, now, he has other people to clean up the mess for him.

Backstory: Throughout Emir's life, he always felt he deserved more than what he got. His older brothers took interest in magical and muggle machinery - the darn of technology, they would say. But Emir felt distaste for it; the oil and grit and dirt and sweat seemed pointless in the long-run. He was certain there was a way for better advancement without the need for him to tinker with gears and cogs.

His school-life reflected this also; during his time at Blessed Isis Temple, he was consistently praised for being able to work smarter instead of harder. He quickly charmed and wormed his way into friendships that benefit him more than what he had to do in return. On the few occasions he was caught out for blackmail, he would do exactly what he knew best - blackmail someone else to either take the fall or dispel the attack. It was an interesting system that appeared to work the more he practised. Perhaps more interestingly was the fact that he actually had all the tools to do these things himself; he was taller than other boys, somewhat stronger, and fairly talented at magic. And yet, he seemed to challenge himself to see how little he could do, and in exchange, how much he could make others do for him. Some said he was lazy, others said he was cunning.

Recent History: A few years ago, having worked as a vizier for just under a decade, Emir began to notice the decline in the former Minister's public popularity. Very quickly, he realised that he had to gain support from his peers and the public. He appealed to the younger generation by putting slight modern twists on his clothing and appearance; he showed support and even participated in charity carpet-racing events to gain notoriety; he attended multiple court meetings and read the room before giving opinions to seem the most informed and trustworthy; he spoke privately with other viziers in good positions to both knock their confidence in going for it and gain their trust; he exchanged his wand for a staff and participated in traditional forms of magic to appeal to the older generation; he bribed less-fortunate members of society for their votes and recommendations. There was nothing Emir wouldn't do to gain this reward after all this momentum toward it.

Recently, upon his promotion to Minister for Magic, he changed his used name to Emir. He felt it stronger than his given name, Muhammad due to its ripe popularity, and if there was anything he felt it was, it certainly wasn't ordinary or common. So, instead, he adapted to shortening Muhammad to Md. and using Emir Faisal.

What he hasn't quite realised, though, is that during this process, he has been somewhat brainwashed himself rather than the other way around. He is simply a younger vessel being used to appeal in place of an older man.

Current Goals: Now that he has his power, he is starting to make subtle changes to laws and restrictions on magic. He wants to make the Middle East individual to the growing magical world, but he wants it without the heavy influence of western magic. He feels that this is the perfect platform to enlighten people to their potential, if only they embrace their heritage and, rather than taking the shortcut to using western tricks and advancements, instead focus on developing their own rich and ancient versions of magic. Of course, he would like to do this with as little effort from himself, as possible.

Loyalties: Himself, that one particular girl in his court
Mental Strengths: Cunning, intelligent, charming
Mental Weaknesses: Power-hungry, un-empathetic, cold

Secret They'll Never Tell: He's already picked his favourite out of his children
 #36854  by Vyreia
@Ejder As it says in the sheet, he did various steps of gaining trust through manipulation and blackmail to get a step up each time throughout the years :)