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 #39423  by Becky
My Name or Nickname: Becky
OOC Account Name: Becky
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her
Discord Username: QueenBecky
How I found Vault 713: I used to be on here years ago.
My Previous Roleplaying Experience: Its been a few years, but used to roleplay a lot in the late '00s and early '10s
My Favorite Harry Potter Character: Severus Snape
Did you read the Character Creation Guide before posting? Yes

NAME: Eoywn Bletchley
DATE OF BIRTH: July 29th, 1957
EMPLOYER: Hogwarts
POSITION: Care of Magical Creature Professor

COUNTRY FLAG: The Irish Tricolour
PRIMARY ERA: Reformation

Concept: Eowyn is a very tall and regal woman, her passion and great love in life is creature healing, ever since she was a little girl she has loved all sorts of creatures. She has one son, Miles Bletchley, whom she raised mostly on her own after his Father untimely passing in the First War. She had a great long career as a creature healer before retiring to work at Hogwarts as the Care of Magical Creatures teacher in the early 2000s
Other Eras & Jobs: Maruaders - Earning her Mastery in Creature Healing, as well as a Newly Wed and young Mother
Golden, Creature Healer at the Snowdonia Wildlife Reserve
Legacy, Still the Care of Magical Creature Professor as well as Head of Ravenclaw House potentially

Appearance: Eowyn is very tall, and of a firm stature, even in her older age there is definitely a hint of muscle just below the skin. She has short asymmetrically cut blonde hair, and grayish blue eyes. Her style of dress is usually rather mugglish in style, prefering to wear boots, pants, and button up shirts in that it allows for better movement when working with creatures.
Ethnicity: Her Mother is Irish and Her Father Russian
Personality: Eowyn is a somewhat reserved nature, not very out going. Preferring to blend into the background rather then stand out from the crowd. Though some may think because of her quiet nature she would be weak willed, quite the opposite in fact. She is very stubborn and is not afraid to stand up for herself or others.

Eowyn has a quiet bravery to her, she has to in her line of work. She has helped in everything from hippogriffs giving birth, to scale rot in a dragon, and healing newly bitten werewolves in secret. She has an above average intelligence, and quite the imaginative mind.

Backstory: Eowyn was born Eowyn Stanislava Zamoldochikova on July 29th 1957 to Cara Dohonue and Stanislav Zamoldochikov, her Mother a Muggleborn and her Father a half-blood. Cara was Healer at St. Mungos and Stanislav a the Keeper for the Soviet Union National Quiddatch team. It was very cliche their meeting, Cara being the young apprentice healer assigned to help Stanislav after he took a nasty bludger hit to the head, and the rest you could say was history. They married late 1956, and before they knew it they were parents.

It had been rocky in the beginning, both of them being young with promising careers ahead of them finding themselves parents. But after a 50 foot fall from his broom that caused him to be in hospital for over a week to recover, Stanislav decided to retire becoming a stay at home Papa to young Eowyn, and soon her younger brother Zakhar as well. It was also during this time that Stanislav realized the con his wife had pulled while reading his wife's various muggle books to their children, and where she came up with their first borns name. Old Irish name his foot.

Eowyn's childhood was mostly normal, they lived in the farm house her Mother grew up in on the Irish coast, where along with the normal sheep, cows, and pigs her Father began a lucrative business breeding various winged horses with a particular flair for Abraxans for racing as well as their hair for potion ingredients. Which is where Eowyn developed and grew her love for creatures magical and non magical alike.

In the Fall of 1968 Eowyn began Hogwarts where she was sorted into Ravenclaw like her Mother, her Papa though had tried his hardest to convince her to attend his alum mater of Durmstrang to no success (though he did manage to convince her brother Zakhar to go). Eowyn's time at Hogwarts was average, she did fairly well in her classes, she made a small tightly knit group of friends. Though she did face a small bit of adversity and bullying, since come fourth year at 14 she had already reached six feet in height, and would be 6'3 by the time she graduated.

It was during her 6th year in her NEWT Charms class where she met Jethro Bletchley, a reserved and pinched face Slytherin boy. They ended up paired together to work on a project, which from there as the two began to know one another turned into a tentative friendship, till by the mid of their 7th year they were dating. Jethro had plans post Hogwarts to work for the Ministry in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, wanting to eventually work his way up within the department.

In Spring of 1976 Eowyn graduated, and moved straight into working to get a mastery in creature healing from the healer who took care of her families horses. During all that she had kept her romance with Jethro going, and in January of 1977 the two wed in a small ceremony on her families farm. Despite the stressful political climate of the time the duo made a small life for themselves in their London apartment, and in August of of 1978 welcomed their first, and only, child, Miles Bletchley. Eowyn just finishing her Mastery the June previous.

The Bletchley household was a happy one, Jethro slowly working his way up the ladder at the Ministry while Eowyn took the first year after Miles' birth off to spend time with her son. In September of 1979 she began working for the Snowdonia Wildlife Reserve as creature healer, taking care of the variety of creatures that lived on the Reserve. Eowyn's Mother having retired for her safety due to her muggleborn status, took up the job with relish of baby sitting her young grandson so that her daughter and son-in-law could continue their work.

Tragedy though would strike the family in the Spring of 1980, while out in Diagon Alley Eowyn and Jethro found themselves victims to a Death Eater attack. While they themselves were not on the end of a curse they did find themselves victims of shrapnel from a well placed bombarda curse. Eowyn would suffer a miscarriage of her then five month old daughter after taking the majority of the damage to her stomach and chest area. Jethro though would eventually die from the wounds he sustained having taken the majority of the blast while trying to protect his wife and unborn child.

This would break Eowyn for some time, her falling into a deep depressive episode for a few months till she slowly found her way out of it for her son's sake. It was during this time that she would move herself and her son from their London residency back to her parents farm in Ireland. That way her son would have more freedom to go out explore, get dirty, and find mischief like her brother and her had done. It was during this time Stanislav would install Miles own love for quiddatch.

Life would continue on normally till the rise of Voldemort, where as her Mother and Father fled to Russia to escape in an attempt to keep Cara safe. Eowyn did her best to keep her head down and keep safe during this time. Forever fearful that the Death Eaters would also hurt her Miles like they had her Jethro. Thankfully Voldemort met his end, and life started to take on a hint of normalcy.

Recent History: In 2002 with Miles off living his own life and Voldemort gone for good, Eowyn after found herself on the nasty end of a dragon fire blast that took off 45% of the skin on her left side of her body. Needing the next few months off to heal she spent the time in self-reflection. The Care of Magical Creatures professor spot had just opened up at the end of the Spring 2002 term, so deciding to take a chance Eowyn retired from the reserve and applied and got the Professorship spot at Hogwarts.

And she loves it. Getting to pass along her great love and respect for Creatures to a new generation. It also has allowed her to write and publish books about her time working on the reserve but as well books about winged horse care, basic creature healing, as well as the use of Runes in creature husbandry. Eowyn is finally for the first time in her life finding peace and tranquility in the everyday.

Current Goals: Get Hogwarts to expand its Creature programs, she would really love to begin a club for winged horse riding and showing. As well as just general creature showing, much like a muggle 4H club.

Hobbies: Abraxan riding and showing, crocheting, hiking and camping, reading, and swimming.
Loyalties: She is anti-Voldemort and Death Eater
Magical Strengths: Ancient Runes, Charms, Non-verbal magic, creature handling, healing
Magical Weaknesses: Transfiguriation, Broom Handling, Wandless Magic, Defense Against the Dark Arts

Strongest Childhood Memory: It is Eowyn's 7 birthday, both of her parents are home, and some of her Father's family had come in to celebrate, it is a lively happy atmosphere. Her Papa gives her a wink and tells her to come with him, he leads her out to the barn where in one of the stalls is a Mother abraxan and her few week old foal, her Papa with a large smile on his face tells her that once the foal can separate from her Mother that she was to be Eowyn's very own abraxan.

Pets: Two abraxan horses, Mirthril and Camomile, a large barn owl name Greg, and a ginger Kneazle Cat mix name Newt
Wand: 13 and half inches, Elm, Dragon Heartstring
Boggart: Jethro's body right after the attack.
Prized Possession: An original signed copy of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
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 #39427  by TyrellRose
Hiya! I'm so excited to see where you go with Eowyn!

I noticed you weren't sure about where she works as a creature healer, so I went to our Business Directory and picked out a couple of options you could look at :) All three of these could have creature healers working there.

1. Pecineagu Dragon Reserve
2. Magical Menagerie
3. Snowdonia Wildlife Reserve

Can't wait to read the rest of her sheet!