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 #39750  by Lemon
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NAME: Ronald Bilius ‘Ron’ Weasley
DATE OF BIRTH: March 1st 1980
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Ottery St Catchpole, Devon
EMPLOYER: Hogwarts
POSITION: 7th year


Concept: The youngest son of the Weasley family, Ron has always felt overshadowed by his older siblings throughout his years at Hogwarts. Now he forms part of the Golden Trio in the fight against Voldemort.
Other Eras & Jobs: Reformation – Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes Co-Manager | Legacy – Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes Co-Manager

Appearance: Ron’s most distinguishing features are his fiery red hair and freckles. He is very tall with lanky limbs and large hands and feet. Facially, Ron has a long nose set between a pair of blue eyes.

As is Weasley tradition, Ron spent most of his Hogwarts days wearing either hand-me-down clothes from his older brothers or knitted garments courtesy of his mum, Molly. Despite his family’s poor financial standing, he always tries to dress to his own tastes, negating embarrassment from any shabby clothes his mother tends to push onto him. Of course, his most prized item of clothing is his Chudley Canons t-shirt and matching jumper.

Ethnicity: English
Personality: Ron is full of loyalty, bravery and is headstrong. His great sense of humour is one of his greatest assets, followed by his unwavering loyalty to his friends and protectivity over his younger sister, Ginny. Ron is also a massive fan of eating; he is a massive foodie. Whatever his mood, eating will always be a source of comfort. Ron’s expediency of always trying to find the easy and most convenient way of doing something meant that most of his time at Hogwarts was spent copying Hermione’s homework or looking for alternate solutions to having to study.

Backstory: Born to Molly and Arthur Weasley on March 1st 1980, Ron grew up in the family home in Ottery St Catchpole. As a child, he received a good home education in reading, writing and maths like the rest of his siblings. He was often the target of Fred and George’s pranks, making for a frustrating childhood. Notably, his arachnaphobia arose as a result of the twins transfiguring one of his teddies into a spider. Due to his pure-blood status and upbringing in an entirely magical family, Ron developed stereotypical view of the magical world, which in the future, would occasionally conflict with Harry and Hermione’s purely muggle take on things. Despite his family’s impoverishment, the Weasley’s always ensured there was food on the table at every meal, something which probably triggered Ron’s love of food.

Recent History: Ron’s sixth year at Hogwarts was a dark year for not just him but the entire school. Despite the troubles brewing in the wizarding world, Ron still managed to find happiness with his friends, even getting to experience love for the first time. He also managed to get onto the quidditch team as their keeper, proving that he was more capable than what he thought.

The year also allowed Ron to grow up emotionally, being in a relationship with Lavender Brown made him realise a lot of things about himself and his relationships with his friends. Notably, Ron was poisoned by mead after being cured of the love potion in Slughorn’s office and saved by Harry. His time in the hospital wing allowed him to escape his unhappy relationship with Lavender and make amends with Hermione, who he’d been at odd ends with for a good few months.

By the end of the school year, Ron becomes aware of Voldemort’s horcruxes along with Harry and Hermione, now knowing that they must be destroyed in order to defeat him. This dark turn is followed by the Battle of the Astronomy Tower, which thanks to Harry’s Felix Felicis potion, he along with Hermione and his sister Ginny, survive unhurt. However, Ron was shaken by the scarring of his brother Bill by Greyback, along with the death of Dumbledore.

Now aware of what must be done to destroy Voldemort, Ron decided to accompany Harry and Hermione in the quest to hunt down the Horcruxes and destroy them. More recently, Ron enlisted Fred and George and his dad to help him transfigure the family ghost into himself sick as a way of getting out attending his seventh year at Hogwarts.

Current Goals: Defeating Voldemort and ending the wizarding war. Protecting his friends and family.

Hobbies: Eating, wizard’s chess, quidditch.
Loyalties: Harry and Hermione, Chudley Canons, his family, the order.
Mental Strengths: Headstrong, loyal, brave, protective.
Mental Weaknesses: Immaturity, insecurity, argumentative, doubting his abilities.
Magical Strengths:
  • Wizard’s chess – most notably, Ron’s chess skills were pivotal in finding the philosopher’s stone in his first year.
  • Flying – Ron made the house Quidditch team and possessed some flying talent shared by the Weasley family.
  • Non-verbal magic – although not immediately portrayed and obvious, Ron was able to cast a non-verbal spell at Draco in his second year when defending Hermione (although it did backfire due to his damaged wand).
Magical Weaknesses:
  • Charms – Ron is never one to pick up spells quickly and often finds himself getting impatient and skipping the vital steps.
  • Divination – always a hated subject, Ron never found the subject interesting so never put in any effort in lessons.
Strongest Childhood Memory: A Weasley Christmas dinner with mountains of food and all of his siblings sitting happily around the table, before the second wizarding war started and the dangers became very real.
Secret They'll Never Tell: Ron secretly loves to receive his Weasley jumper at Christmas, although he still never likes to wear it in public.

Pets: Pigwidgeon / Pig – a small owl gifted by Sirius.
Wand: 9 ½” Chesnut and Dragon Heartstring (previously, 14” Willow and Unicorn Hair)
Boggart: Spiders
Prized Possession: The wizarding chess set previously owned by his grandfather and handed down to him.