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 #39766  by Becky
My Name or Nickname: Becky
OOC Account: Becky
Quills Account(s): Free Season Character
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NAME: Augustus Ambrose Rookwood
DATE OF BIRTH: April 23rd, 1934
EMPLOYER: British Ministry of Magic
POSITION: Unspeakable

COUNTRY FLAG: Country Flag

Concept: A very cunning and clever man, he does not believe in the restraints others would put on magic. Magic is magic in all its glory. He also believes muggles are lower than dirt for they lack magic, and should be crushed under wizarding and witches heels. Augustus currently works as an Unspeakable where he messes around with time, which has caused him to age significantly. He also serves as a spy within the very Ministry for Voldemort.

Other Eras & Jobs: Golden - An Escaped Azkban Prisoner and Death Eater

Appearance: A tall very gaunt man, his stature is like that of a weed growing the dark corner of the garden. Tall with a slight hunched ih appearance. Augustus’ face has pockmarks all the way down the sides traveling onto his neck from a minor case of dragon pox when he was young. He has dark brunette hair but it has taken quite a salt and pepper look from the aging his body has gone through despite the age his birth certificate age would say.

Augustus’ face also shows the more advanced age of his body, with deep lines and a smattering of wrinkles. He also has fairly bushy brows that match his salt and pepper hair. His eyes are sunken into his face and of a blue gray color. His nose is long and straight and the tip hangs over his nostrils slightly. The rest of his body also has scarring from his bout of dragon pox, he also has a few tattoos. His family's crest on his breast, a time turner on his right calf, and of course his Dark Mark on his left forearm.

Ethnicity: Father Scottish, Mother English

Recent History:
Current Goals: The Dark Lord taking over and him being allowed to practice magic as he so desires

Hobbies: Reading, Dueling, Whiskey Drinking, Ancient Runes
Loyalties: Voldemort
Magical Strengths: Ancient Runes, Charms, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Dueling, Wandless and Non-Verbal Magic
Magical Weaknesses: Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, Healing Arts

Secret They'll Never Tell: Honestly doesnt care about muggleborns, he just believes they should be forced to choose between the muggle world or magical.

Pets: A Long-Eared Owl
Wand: 13 and half inches, Dragon Heartstring, Aspen
Prized Possession: A family signet ring and the wand of Ambrose Rookwood, one of the famed members of the Gunpowder Plot

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