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 #39434  by Tenga Phoenixfire
Hey Guys so I'm not always good at this but I'm Mr. Morningstar. I've been into harry potter for literally as long as I can remember, I was born in 1999. Harry has just always been there for me and honestly i had a disastrous childhood(who didn't) and i could just relate to him.
Roleplaywise im decently expierenced i used to play on this site about 5 year ago when i was just a kid and boy let me tell you it has changed a lot but i hope it is just as fun. For anyone who remembers me i was Jay Phoenixfire, Rava Crowfire, And jack Whisperwind. I just ended up in a bad situation where i lost internet and a house and when i got them back this was the least of my worries. Although i do admit i have been on here a couple times to check for an old friend of mine on here whos character had a crush on mine and i know its weird but i had a crush on her character( really hope the person playing the character was a girl) but i long since gave up on finding the player. I also used to heavily play DnD, MnM, and CoC almost daily for nearly a year so yeah im solid on role playing experience
Honestly i miss this place i hope its close to what i remember if not ill admit ill be disappointed but i used to stay up for hours role playing with some players on here i hope i see them again
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