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 #40176  by Fae
~What if I shine~
Name: Fae
Age/Birthdate:Nov 5 and somewhere in my 20's
Location:Mixing it up, somewhere in Wonderland
Preferred PM Account: This one

RP Preferences
This is where I'd put my preferences, but honestly as long as it isn't horror, I'm cool. Fair note: I can be a slow poster.
Also fluff is best theme.

Aside from one character, mostly posting in Reformation and Legacy.
(I will make this better when I am not laying down)
Characters I am playing actively:
  • Anat
  • Rory Cameron
  • Elliot Flight
  • boop
  • boop
  • Jaime Reyes
  • boop
Casual Characters:
Zara Bennett
Daisy Cole
Whitney Dawson
Lucy Fairchild
Cecil Hart
Nathaniel Jareau-Young
Benito Pereira
Riley Perkins
Isabel Reyes
Kailee Rose
Sloane Terrazas
Cori Thompson