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TyrellRose, Vaultkeeper


~Basic Information~
  • Real Name: Katrina
  • Age/Birthday: 26 / May 15, 1992
  • Location: Nunavut, Canada
  • Vault Join Date: December 2, 2011
  • Resident Canadian living above the Arctic Circle with a fondness for baby otters! I’m currently working as a teacher in a community in Nunavut, but I’ll always update this profile if I'm too busy to post for a few days!
~Roleplaying Style & Preferences~
  • Active Eras: All eras with a focus on Reformation and Legacy
  • Preferred Post Length: Varies, depending on the nature of the thread, but I always try to give enough to work with. I usually try my best to match my partner
  • Preferred Posting Speed: Depends on my schedule, but I prefer rapid fire because the longer I wait for replies, the longer I take in turn due to distractions
  • Preferred Thread Length: As long as it takes to come to a logical conclusion!
  • Story Types & Genres: I like drama and interpersonal relationships. Give me two characters having a heart to heart and I'm happy. But I also enjoy the silly stuff you can do in the HP universe.
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Re: TyrellRose

TyrellRose, Vaultkeeper

~Current Characters~
Agatha Mudwallow • The Monster (X)
Apollo Browning • The Giver (X)
Artemis Browning • The Taker (X)
Bryson Collier • The Country Mouse (X)
Clara Selkirk • The Mediator (X)
Daremo • The Hermit (X)
Draco Malfoy • The Lost Soul (X)
Eardwulf the Archer • The Boisterous Bruiser (X)
Eden Kalima • The Bohemian (X)
Ezeril Brattle • The Action Girl
Fiona Pootoogook • The Spiritualist (X)
Gareth Lewis • The Tinkerer
Gethin Pumphrey • The Delinquent (X)
Grace Wilder • The Vamp (X)
Jace Rutherford • The Royal Brat (X)
Lily Evans • The Altruist (X)
Lucia Flores Medina • The Little Miss Sunshine (X)
Madison Blake • The Hot Shot (X)
Meiriona Reese • The Trailblazer (X)
Percy Weasley • The Lone Wolf (X)
Perecles Elfick • The Sensation (X)
Phoebe Jareau-Young • The Philanthropist (X)
Sophie Crawford • The Strategist (X)
Timmy Cochrane • The Vagrant
Zeke Warren • The Hipster (X)

Retired Characters: Alex Kostas, Alfhildr, Azalea Bloom, Hunter Larkin, Livvie Cavanaugh-Pritchard, Oliver Sanders, Santiago Mendes, Tamara Mendes (available for sandbox threads)
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TyrellRose, Vaultkeeper

Currently active and looking for threads! PM me here or on Discord if you would like to plot with me and I can make it happen even if I can only really be online for about an hour a day during the week thanks to my job and the internet status up here in the Great White Canadian North...