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RPFounders Era Plot & Overview
The founding of Hogwarts School and Durmstrang Institute ushers in a new way of life for the magical community, creating a wedge between it and the non-magical community at a time when everyone needs to work together to protect themselves.
Forum rules: Welcome to Founders Era! Set in the 10th Century in the year 997, this era celebrates the early founding days of Hogwarts and Durmstrang, as well as the stories of witches and wizards from other parts of the globe. Jump in to one of the roleplaying regions available below, or keep scrolling to browse all of the latest news from the era to learn more about what is going on in the world.

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Mail Call: Founders Era
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To: Gwyneth MacColla

Dear Lady MacColla,

I humbly invite you to participate in our annual jousting competition. We believe a courtly creature such as you is wasted as a barmaid, and will benefit greatly should you win.

Please send message if you choose to accept.

Duke of Abingdon,
Oswain The Impassive

To: Mearc-Stapa


I have a quest for thee. You desire gold? I have something greater. But I need something else first.

Meet me at The Rose Court Inn as dusk.