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 #25400  by Arty Blackwell
My Name or Nickname: Rose
OOC Account: Rose Lily
Quills Account(s): Free Season

NAME: Artemyant Blackwell
DATE OF BIRTH: 5 August 972
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Wiltshire, England [Blackwell Manor]

PRIMARY ERA: Victorian Era

Other Eras & Jobs: Founders Era, Expedition Era, Marauders Era; Founders Era (Bartender, Champion fighter), Expedition Era (Drifter), Marauders Era (Bartender at The Hog's Head), Golden Era (Drifter)

Appearance: Artemyant is a caucasian with golden blonde hair. It's short and easy to take care of. He tries to look like he's pure royalty. He hides his emotions but often looks angry. He dresses in the richest of clothing and walks around looking down on others. He's got a pale complexion made even paler when he's turned into a Vampire.
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Personality: Artemyant. Very twisted and crude at times. Can be a little bit evil when he's not trying to charm the life out of his victims or anyone else for that matter. A little sadistic. He loves to kill and hunt for sport. But he's also very dominant and commanding. And if things don't go his way he gets angry. He can be very charming and make his victims fall for him in ways that can't even be completely described. His hate for his father drives his anger.

Backstory: Artemyant was born in the summer of nine hundred and seventy-two along with twin brother Arthur Blackwell. Their father was a drunk and a masochist. He loved bringing pain and torture to his sons when he had been drinking. It had started when Artemyant was a mere child. He was only seven years of age when his father had beat him for the first time. His mother had been killed defending him and he and his brother never got to see any aunts or uncles any longer for his father feared they would take the boys away from him. Artemyant started going out and fighting in a wizarding fight club. There he got strong and taught how to fight back. Being a Pureblood Artemyant had been raised to feel like he was the best of his kind. So when Salazar Slytherin had founded Slytherin house at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Artemyant had been proud to join the house. As he continued through school his father continued to beat him and his brother Arthur. So one summer when Artemyant was fifteen and his father was rather drunk Artemyant had picked a fight finally wanting to get back at his father. But it hadn't gone according to his plan. His father killed his twin brother Arthur and left Artemyant rather hurt. His aunt who hadn't seen them in years had been the one to find Artemyant and brought him home. As soon as Artemyant healed he left his aunt and went back home to bury his twin brother. Soon after the burial he had gone back to Hogwarts to return to his schooling. He kept going to the fight club working at improving his skills and training to join a Champion fight club. When Artemyant turned seventeen he graduated from Hogwarts and went on to join a Champion fighting league and tend bars when he had free time or didn't have a game scheduled. He worked so hard he was able to afford a Mansion in no time. As he turned twenty-three met a woman who went by the name of Guinevere. After courting for a while he got her pregnant. They had a son named Thomas. When he turned twenty-four he came across a Ramanga Vampire Andoniana and got turned into a Vampire. His first kill was that of his father when he was a fresh Vampire still trying to learn to control his new strengths and abilities. When his son Thomas Blackwell was eighteen he had a son and a daughter. After his twentieth birthday his father Artemyant still looking twenty-four turned his son Thomas into a Vampire and told him to turn his children after they had children. This happened for years keeping the Blackwell name alive, strong and healthy. There were females who married into different surnames and men who kept the name going. All the while Artemyant still lived and told his grand-kids and great-grand-kids all about the Blackwell family ancestry.

Recent History: After a thousand or so years (Victorian for those wondering) Artemyant was flourishing. He was living in his Mansion in Wiltshire, England with his only blood son Thomas and his Vampire son Caleb Blackwell who'd taken on his sire's name for the last twenty-eight years. Caleb's two Vampire children were also in the Mansion. Daughter Amelia Blackwell and Son Alexander Blackwell. He currently doesn't have an official job as Wizards don't take to kindly to Vampires so he can only work the late night shift as a Vampire and run home before the sun breaks into the sky. But he still wants to turn more Vampires and start a rebellion.

But with that being said there are a lot of drinks to be had so he is welcome to bar tend at night for a few hours each night.

Meanwhile he is still on terms with Andoniana when she is in the area and offers her a bedroom of her own in the Mansion forever.

Current Goals: He wants to start a Vampire rebellion and make his family name one of the strongest names of those in all the world. And he wants to keep fighting for as long as he can.

Hobbies: Piano though he seldom plays. And painting. He mostly paints with blood mixed into the colours.
Loyalties: Family above all else, Friends, His sire
Mental Strengths: Being able to hide his suffering he uses his anger as a strength.
Mental Weaknesses: Any talk of his twin brother Arthur leads him to want to kill the one who speaks

Strongest Childhood Memory: When Artemyant and Arthur were only five years old. Their mother was teaching them how to play the Piano. Arthur started goofing around and making jokes giving them the chance to laugh hysterically while their father was off at work.

Secret They'll Never Tell: Artemyant kissed a boy at Hogwarts and liked it. He had to hide it as it was never accepted to like a boy. And he killed the boy after he became a Vampire so he could never tell anyone about it.

Pets: An Owl only for letters
Boggart: Witnessing his father murder his brother and his mother in his angry, drunken state with a vicious smile on his face as he did it
Prized Possession: A ring with his families crest on it. A black stone with a Well carved into it as a picture of a dark abyss

Extra Character Sheet Questions for Vampires
Please include the following formation in your character sheet.
Bloodline: Ramanga
Bloodline Abilities: Illusion Casting, Shapeshifting, Hypnosis
Basic Ability #1: Youthful Appearance
Basic Ability #2: Increased Speed
 #25409  by Arsene

Welcome to the Wizarding World, Artemyant!

Arty has lived quite a long and interesting life! I wonder what he'll get up to in Victorian England. You might like to begin your story in A Book for Every Occasion, which takes place in Diagon Alley, or by using one of the following thread ideas:

★ Curious teens have been sneaking around the perimeter of Blackwell Manor. Will you send them off with a warning or are they dinner guests?

★ There have been rumblings of another vampire in the area holding late-night meetings. Maybe Arty should attend one to see what's going on.

I will also be editing Arty's screen name so make sure to log in as Arty Blackwell the next time you visit us!

Before you jump in...