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 #25924  by Arty Blackwell
Location: Blackwell Manor • Date: 15 May 1926
Time of Day: Dinner Evening • Weather: Clear skies

Dearest Mr. Blackwell,
It is with my greatest invite to wish you to attend a party at my home on the Eve of June 5th, 1926. Bring with you a guest and a bottle of whatever you desire. Can't wait to have a drink with you.
Yours truly, Virginia
Artemyant Blackwell had received an owl. As he read it he heard noises outside his property. "Now what can that be," he spoke to himself after he finished reading the mysterious invite from a Lady Virginia whom he'd never met. He put down the parchment and fed his owl a treat sending the owl off to it's favourite tree on the property. He did of course have a fine cage for the owl but he let the owl fly off whenever the owl wished too.

Having heard the teen boys sneaking around his property he stepped out of his study fixing his blonde hair as he went. He walked outside and with a growl he ran at Vampire speed towards the sound of the teens. "You know it's very rude to interrupt one at dinner time," he spoke with a venomous voice showing his fangs.
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