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 #25370  by Philomena Elmstone
Location: Flourish & Blotts • Date: Saturday, 5 May 1893

Philomena didn't particularly like the busy days at the shop. This job was only supposed to be a thing until her "medium" services could be lucrative. However, the market was so flooded with fake mediums that it was hard for Mena to get consistent work. She needed to up her game and make her seances even better than those other mediums.

The only thing was, her headaches were getting worse. Mena could even feel one coming on as she restocked the shelves back in the occult section.

They were having a book sale on them today and if there was anyone in the store that would know what to recommend in the occult, it was Mena.
 #25788  by Arty Blackwell
After the sun had gone down Artemyant had headed into Diagon Alley. He was bartending in a few hours and he thought he could stroll through Diagon Alley and visit a few shops. Maybe pick up an item or two of fine clothing. And check out the book shop. He was still learning about the abilities he had picked up. Even after a thousand years there was always new information to obtain.

Artemyant stepped into a bookshop and started looking around. Soon he found himself in the occult section where a young woman was stocking the shelves.

As he looked at the lass his blonde hair shimmered off the light. His pale skin complexion vibrant in the light of the shop. His clothing only the finest one could own. “Excuse me ma’am. Can you tell me where to find your most informative Vampire books?” Artemyant asked with a charming air. He wanted to reel her in and he picked up a magical book as he asked and glanced down at it momentarily.
 #26030  by Philomena Elmstone
Mena turned around at the sound of a man's voice. The man was pale, paler than she was, but she didn't question much more of it. There was a certain pull to him that she wasn't sure where it came from.

"Oh we've got tons," she said, smiling. "There are three, though, that I think are the best. Let me show you." Mena was being extremely helpful and she wasn't sure why. She was never like this at work. Mena stopped in front of a bookcase a little further down the aisle. "There's this one," she said, pulling out a violet-colored, leather-bound book. "A Vampire for all Seasons. It sounds like a romance novel, but it's far from it."
 #26043  by Arty Blackwell
Artemyant didn't normally smile but he gave her a charming smile flashing his fangs as she smiled at him. She was being extremely helpful and he was using his influence to help with that a little bit.

He followed her down the aisle as slowly as he could for a Vampire with fast speed. As she showed him the leather bound book he glanced at it. "It does sound quite like a romance novel. Just from the title. Can you tell me more about it?" he asked with a wicked smirk.
 #27104  by Philomena Elmstone
"Oh!" Mena exclaimed excitedly. She opened the book to a random page, but didn't read from it.

"It's all about the migratory patterns of vampires in the Scottish highlands and Wales. I didn't expect them to move so well as a group. I always assumed they were the lonely and brooding types."
 #27313  by Arty Blackwell
Artemyant noticed the girls excitement as she opened the book. He noticed she hardly looked down at the page she chose but chose not to say anything as it seemed like she knew what she was reading about.

"Oh not all Vampires are lonely and brooding. We just choose who we want to spend our time with," Artemyant spoke flashing his fangs a moment as he licked his lips. "I prefer to be alone but it does not make me broody," he chuckled and winked at her. "I'd just rather my company be alone with me," his words slightly alluring.
 #27372  by Philomena Elmstone
Mena saw the flash of his teeth, but she was so deeply entranced that she didn't even recoil. Even if she wasn't under whatever spell was happening right now, she still wouldn't have thought twice about it. Meeting a vampire was thrilling and not an every day occurrence.

She gasped and held onto his arm. "Are you a vampire?" Mena whispered excitedly.
 #27897  by Arty Blackwell
Artemyant felt the girls hand on his arm and winked at her charmingly. "I am a Vampire my dear. And you're a witch," he said looking at her with more interest. She seemed excited at the fact he was a Vampire and he wondered just how excited she was.

He kind of led her into a little alcove in the bookstore with the book still in his hand. "Do you like Vampires?" he asked.