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 #28867  by Richard
Hi there. I'm Richard and I have been roleplaying Harry Potter for about roughly 10 years now. I'll just get the intro out of the way right quick:

Posting Preference:

Main Eras: Reformation and Golden Era, with a preference for Reformation.

Preferred Length: I generally post about 5-600 words or more per post, for a general idea. I'm not entirely set on that for a partner. As long as you're not posting one paragraph.

Preferred Speed: I get that stuff happens and I don't expect a response right away but prefer fairly quickly

Preferred thread length: As long as it takes to finish


As of right now, I have the one.

Mordecai Hestrache: Linkie
 #28868  by Richard
Mordecai Hestrache


Reformation information:

Wizard // Reformation // Half-Blood

Age: 24 // Marital Status: Single // Occupation: Auror - British Ministry of Magic

Looking for: Auror related rps, random rps while travelling (he travels between America, the UK, and eastern Europe a lot)


Mordecai Hestrache during Golden Era:

Wizard - Hogwarts School - Slytherin - 6th Year

Looking for: School intrigue and the like