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 #30873  by Thea Redwood
Location: Some business or other • Date: Fall 2003

Holding a folder containing a well-worded presentation letter, her cv as well as a few modest letters of recommendation, Thea sat quietly. While the interview had been scheduled for 2, it seemed that whoever had been meant to conduct the meeting was running late.

Her journey back to the job market had been rather arduous. While Thea made a good impression and managed to garner interest from employers, their enthusiasm seemed to dissolve as soon as she disclosed her felonious past. As frustrated as she was, Thea understood that she had to find employment, it was one of the conditions of her parole.

Thumbing one of the corners of her folder, she waited. When the door finally opened she stood, straightened her shirt and got ready to introduce herself.
 #31306  by Viggo Olhouser
Holding a piece of parchment on which he had scrawled a dozen questions, Viggo approached the distillery's administrative area.

"Ms. Redwood?" He verified as he extended his hand towards the woman who had risen from her seat. "I am sorry for the wait, our personnel manager seems to be unavailable, as such I will conduct your interview." Struck by how frail her hand felt in his, his eyes quickly drifted towards the appendage. As she quickly moved the hand from him, he only got a glimpse of her seemingly translucent hand. "I-I am Viggo," he added.
 #31307  by Thea Redwood
Remarking the man's change of demeanor when their hands had touched, she quickly pulled away from their handshake.

"Thank you for seeing me." She offered the man a copy of her cv as well as a presentation letter.
 #31308  by Viggo Olhouser
He directed her towards one of the offices, opened the door for her and gestured for her to sit. Once he was sitting behind the desk, he looked at the cv she had given him. "It seems like you are experienced in botany, why the sudden interest in office work?" Not to mention the fact that she had applied for a clerk position which was likely bellow her abilities.

He took a quill and got ready to take notes.
 #31309  by Thea Redwood
Looking at the framed picture on the desk made her realize they had stepped inside someone else's office.

She had expected this question but was nonetheless bothered by it. "It seems like a nice opportunity," she responded, unwilling to share the details of her circumstance. Though she quickly realized that her explanation did not satisfy her interviewer. Expecting yet another rejection, she sighed. "I just came out of azkaban and I am desperate for employment. I will take anything."
 #31310  by Viggo Olhouser
Viggo's eyes widened. Was she being serious? It seemed like she was. At a loss for words, he started tidying an already well-stacked pile of paper.

"I hum..." Was he allowed to ask why she had been incarcerated? "And you think a distillery is a suitable work environment for you?" He inquired skeptically.
 #31311  by Thea Redwood
Impassible, the woman looked straight into the man's eyes. "As I mentioned, I am desperate for employment. As such I cannot afford to be selective."

She linked her hands on her lap. "I do not want to waste your time nor mine are you interested in hiring a skillful ex-convict or is that something you would rather avoid?"
 #31322  by Viggo Olhouser
Shifting in his chair, the man studied the woman before him. He thought of her frail hand in his as he wondered how she could represent a threat. "Well..." He ran a hand through his hair. "Perhaps you would be more suited for another position." He leaned towards her, this was a good idea. "We actually would benefit from your expertise. How would you feel about being a quality control agent for our barley, rye, maize, every grain we use essentially."
 #31328  by Thea Redwood
Expecting yet another rejection, the blonde woman was ready to get up and leave with her head held high. She wouldn't let on that there was no more dignity to protect, that all her pride had been peeled off by dementors and other heartless folks.

When she heard his offer, she likely let him on to her surprise. "That would be," realizing she was giving in to hope, she shook her head and reminded herself that he would likely revoke his offer in a few seconds. "My knowledge would indeed suit that position," she said as she detached herself from the situation.
 #31329  by Viggo Olhouser
"I have to get in contact with our suppliers, but it should not be a problem. In a matter of hours you should receive your contract by owl." He looked at her cv to make sure they had an address for her.

He extended his hand towards her. Smiled widely when she responded to her handshake. He felt rather proud of offering the woman a second chance.