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 #32771  by Anastasiya Persky
Ana looked away, frowning.

"I've already heard you out, Levi. If you want to show me what it is you do and why it makes you happy, then by all means. But I don't have anything I want to say right now, especially not in a random hallway, whilst crying, feeling embarrassed, and after being told my life long dream is over before it even started. I don't want to talk. I don't want to discuss. I want to be heard out; I don't want to have this conversation here and I want to go home. "

She ran her hand through her hair, shifting from foot to foot, clearly getting uncomfortable.
 #32775  by Levi Persky
Levi had not seen it that way at all. So after raising his brows in surprise he dropped his hands from her and said, “Ana... it is not over. It is simply out on hold. As you said... we don’t see eye to eye, we are having trouble understanding and communicating. But we can change that. And the sooner the better.”

Wasn’t it that simple? Couldn’t it be? If they just worked everything out maybe she could have the baby she wanted..
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"It's over to me." She said abruptly. "I don't think we'll ever really see eye to eye on this, so unless you find a miracle cure that doesn't need such invasive experimentation, then carrying a baby just isn't going to happen to me. I'd accepted a long time ago that I would have to get a surrogate or adopt, and even those I don't think are appropriate for us right now." But...even those options didn't fill her with joy. She'd already set her ideals on having a baby of her own, already read the pregnancy books, already bought a few tests!

"Anyway, nothing is going to change whilst we're stood here. I really want to go so if you want to clean up, I'll see you at home." She commented, looking away.

She should have listened to him. She should have moved out when he wanted her to; at least then she could have had more time to see it coming.
 #32788  by Levi Persky
Levi looked back at her confused, but finally said, "Oh... alright..."

HE could see she was not in a place to talk.... or she was still upset with him? But he couldn't ask. She clearly did not want to talk.

"I will... see you back at the house then."

Levi turned from her then, shaking his head slightly and wondering how to get through this. When he got back to the lab he sighed, then closing the door he turned to Kyle and said,

"Well that... might not have gone as bad as it could have... and it also might have gone a lot worse."

He then went onto tell Kyle the gist of the conversation, ending with, "I'm a little confused... at first I thought she was understanding my side of things a bit, but at the end... it seemed she didn't at all. I have never felt such a distance from her. IT is like she is defeated, deflated, given up. I did everything to express I want us to talk, communicate, listen and respect the other opinions before passing judgment but... I don't think she wants to talk about it or consider, or try to have hope." He shook his head again, then said, "I am at a loss..."
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Kyle remained quiet for a moment. He'd already cleaned up a lot of the things needed as he could see that wasn't going to happen now. But as Levi spoke, it made it all the more clearer.

"I don't think there's an ultimate answer. It sounds like she did hear you out for how you feel in the matter but...maybe it's led to her feeling like she was completely wrong and not just partly. Or maybe the idea has now been tainted. Or maybe it's as she said and she just doesn't want to talk here..." he glanced around. "It doesn't exactly feel like a good place for couples counselling."

He sighed, running his hand through his hair.

"There isn't really a lot to suggest other than letting her think what she actually wants to say. It could simply be the fact that she hasn't formulated her feelings yet and doesn't want to say them in a place she's not comfortable. Maybe let her relax and try again later tonight? Or in the morning. Or...maybe she needs to talk to someone else first like you are doing now? Maybe Hera?"
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"Well I don't know," said Levi with a shrug. "But I think I will have to just let her approach the topic when she feels comfortable."

He looked at the bodies a moment, looked at what Kyle was doing, then said, "Don't put the rest of the stuff away. Let's do this. Let's run the experiments."
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Kyle lifted his brows in surprise at Levi. After all that and he wanted to go ahead? Well, in the name of learning, Kyle nodded.

"Alright, as you wish."

Really, Ana and Levi's relationship didn't involve him and his opinions; he'd given some insight, but who was he to stop any decisions made? This was Levi's choice, and he would simply assist in the endeavours.