A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #33879  by Edith Lindtberg
Face lightening up, Edith couldn’t help but clap in excitement once, her smile wide and full of white glittering teeth.

“Oh, that’s great! Let me just...” Edith stood and began to rummage around in the scrolls and pieces of parchments littering her desk. Three or four tumbled to the floor but she paid them no mind as she ducked down to look through the pile next to her desk.

She made a satisfied sound as she straightened, “Ah! Here it is. This scroll here outlines your duties, days and times you’ll have to meet me here and of course, your daily wage.” Edith held out the scroll for the woman to take. “Read it over and just sign the bottom or I mean,” she faltered, “You can also take it home...you know, take the night to consider and then bring it back. I don’t want to rush you into anything.”
 #33881  by Thea Redwood
While the young woman fumbled with her papers, Thea started studying the situation with renewed interest. If they were going to work together, she would have to use this chaotic energy to her advantage.

"I will read them and send them back by owl." She would not subject herself to an additional trip to the ministry. Not unless absolutely necessary.