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 #34565  by Senichi Nagai
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NAME: Senichi Nagai
DATE OF BIRTH: 10 February 1944
EMPLOYER: Artisan’s Guild
POSITION: Wandmaker

PRIMARY ERA: Reformation

What is the concept for your character?
An old man with debts to pay, trying to protect his family.
What other eras will they be active in and what will their job be in each era?
Marauder—Magical Artisan’s Guild - Wandmaker
Golden—Magical Artisan’s Guild - Wandmaker

Born to a humble family of rice farmers in an often forgotten village, Senichi had little hope of being accepted into the prestigious and exclusive Mahoutokoro. Instead, he received his magical instruction over the years from several mentors. His mother first taught him the basics of charms and minor transfiguration, and his father taught him simple potions that were little more than rural remedies for common ailments. Along with the other magical children of the village, he learned from his neighbors in their specialties, not truly excelling at any particular aspect. It was not until his fourteenth birthday that he found his true calling.

The traveling wandmaker passed through the village once more that year looking for an apprentice. She had passed through many already without finding a worthy student. He still does not know what she saw in him and his mediocre magic. Perhaps she simply took pity on him. In any case, she took him under her wing, and he left the village behind.

It was not an easy life. There were many nights he dreamt of being back in his village, with his old friends and a simpler life. But there were other nights, as well. New friends came and went, and romances, too. He learned to love life on the road, meeting new people and seeing new ways of life. He learned how to find proper wood for wands, how to defend himself from tengu, and what to do if he encountered a kitsune.

Eventually, his master had taught him all that she could, and he set off on his own, taking over a number of her routes and taking on apprentices of his own. Eventually he stopped traveling, settled down with a wife, and set up a workshop where customers could come to him. He had children, and he was able to afford them the premier magical education that he had lacked.

More and more, Senichi’s reputation grew, and he took great pride in the wands he crafted. His name was on the lips of many of Japan’s most powerful wizarding families, and he was commissioned to craft wands for several promising young scions. One however, proved to be his downfall.

It was not Senichi’s practice to craft wands to a customer’s specifications. It is the wand which chooses the wizard, after all. However, he received an offer that proved impossible to deny. The customer wanted a special gift for their son, a wand of cherry with a hair from the mane of a kirin as the core. It was difficult merely to acquire the components, but the wand he made was truly a masterpiece. The young boy it was meant for, however, proved unworthy. The wand refused to obey its owner, and, when pressed, it revolted, leaving the boy scarred for life. The boy’s powerful father destroyed Senichi’s reputation, and the wandmaker quickly fell into a life a destitution once more.

He took whatever jobs he could, and he still prided himself on his works, but he could no longer charge the prices he once had. He could not afford to continue his children’s schooling based on his failing business, and in desperation he turned to the only people willing to help him, the Yakuza.

His children’s tuition is paid for, but Senichi has made a deal with the devil, and the payments must be regular.
 #34621  by Sammy
Welcome to the Wizarding World,
@Senichi Nagai !
It will be awesome to see a new Wandmaker around!

Sounds to me like Senichi has found himself in over his head. You might like to begin your story in It's not a party if no one's hungover tomorrow which takes place in Fiji, or by using one of the following thread ideas:

★ Someone will be coming to collect your most recent payment - how do you scrounge up the money to pay them off?
★ Your children are home for the holidays! Where do you take them to spend a afternoon?

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