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 #34920  by fizzing-whizbee
wisconsin, usa (cst / gmt-6) ⭐️ all eras + sandbox

about me
You can call me sprinkles! I use she/her pronouns.
Hello! I am a 30-something adult lady living in rural wisconsin with one (1) dog and one (1) husband. I've been writing on the vault since before it was the vault and since the dark ages of online roleplaying and also have a side hustle as a published writer and editor for tabletop roleplaying games, so I'm in a little too deep with this stuff and have just accepted that this is my life at this point.

When not posting I am busy in school studying economics and data analysis (formerly marketing, decided I needed a change of pace) and enjoy all of the usual hobbies people have like watching tv, playing video games, etc. Lately I've been watching a lot of Letterkenny (thanks, Canada!) and playing a lot of Fortnite and some Elder Scrolls Online when I can bother to log on.

I love to post with new people!!!
Please feel free to send me a PM or join my threads!!!

preferred roleplaying genres
Rated on a scale of 1 (It's okay) to 5 (LOVE IT!)
Action 💥💥💥
Adventure 🧭🧭🧭
Comedy 😂😂
Crime 💰💰💰💰💰
Fantasy ⚔️⚔️
Film Noir 📽📽
Historical 🏺🏺🏺
Horror 🔪🔪
Mystery 🔎🔎🔎🔎
Political ⚖️⚖️
Religion ⛪️ ⛪️
Science fiction⚗️
Slice of Life 🍞
Supernatural ⚰️⚰️
War ⚜️⚜️
other roleplaying preferences
Don't worry if we aren't a perfect fit. I'm pretty flexible and can work with whatever!
Posting Speed & Frequency
I try my best to reply once a day, but sometimes can't. Sometimes I post more! I'll try my best to keep up with you as often as you post as long as I have the availability to do so. Also, sometimes I reply to my self threads but not other threads, I promise it's not personal! This is usually just how I unwind at the end of the day or maybe I just have a story I want to tell before I move on.

Post Length & Content
I write what needs to be written! Sometimes it's extra long with lots of paragraphs, sometimes it's only a few lines. As long as you give me something to work with I'll happily try my best. Oh, and if you're ever worried about personal triggers, please let me know and I'll be happy to include a warning or try to write something else when we're posting together.
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 #34941  by fizzing-whizbee
Active Characters
want to post together?⭐️ i've got something for everyone

Founders Era
+ Nafretiri // Temple Priestess, Blessed Isis Temple, Fatimid Caliphate
+ Virgiliu the Younger // Nosferatu Vampire, Romania(?)
Victorian Era
+ Adelaide Poskitt // Newspaper Girl, Barley Street House, London, England
+ Chief Kesegowaase // Ghost, "United States"
+ Ezra Hamilton // Croatoan Vampire, United States
+ Virgiliu the Younger // Nosferatu Vampire, Romania(?)
Expedition Era
+ Chief Kesegowaase // Ghost, "United States"
+ Daciana Katoracov // Homemaker, Romania
+ Ezra Hamilton // Croatoan Vampire, United States
+ Virgiliu the Younger // Nosferatu Vampire, Romania(?)
Marauder Era
+ Adriana Katoracov // Young Adult, Romania
+ Antony Katoracov // Student, Romanian Spellcasters Institute
+ Chief Kesegowaase // Principal, Chicago Academy of Wizardry, USA
+ Daciana Katoracov // Homemaker, Romania
+ Ezra Hamilton // Croatoan Vampire, United States
+ Gavril Balcescu // Student, Romanian Spellcasters Institute, Romania
+ Luca Balcescu // Student, Romanian Spellcasters Institute
+ Marcel Ardelean // Young Adult, Romania
+ Virgiliu the Younger // Nosferatu Vampire, Romania(?)
to be continued. i have a lot of era math to do...
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 #34948  by fizzing-whizbee
threads & plots
Below are all of my currently active threads. Sometimes I may change the numbers or join more or less than I've listed or planned on, but for the most part I am limiting the number of threads I am in just so that I can be sure not to skip over anyone and give equal attention to all my threads. You can still feel free to message me if you want to set something up, or join one of the threads I have outlined below!

self threads (1/∞)
Threads where the only person posting is me replying to myself.
Reformation Era
shockingly, none currently

planned threads (5/5)
Threads that have been pre-arranged with other players.
Reformation Era
1. [France] My Girl, My Girl, Where Will You Go? - Luca Balcescu, Donatella La Fratta, +1
2. [Romania] A Monumental Task - Nadezhda Katoracov, +1
3. [Romania] What Ever Happened - Gavril Balcescu, +1
4. [Romania] A Future and a Hope - Elisabeta Popescu, Gavril Balcescu, Malanda Balcescu, +1
5. [Dubai] You Just Might See A Ghost Tonight - Nananji Zaman, +3

spontaneous threads (2/2)
Threads that I've decided to start or join on a whim that may or may not be related to larger plots.
Golden Era
1. [Japan] After Hostile Hostels - Ikemba York, +2

Reformation Era
2. [California] Lost My Head In San Francisco - Juliette Voltaire, +1
sandbox threads (2/∞)
I'm almost always up for sandbox threads, but may reply to them slower or less frequently.
Canon Potterverse Sandbox
1. A Very Harry Halloween

AU Potterverse Sandbox
2. Pigfarts...is on MARS!

Crossover Sandbox
3. [Marvel] After The Snap: Ministry Mayhem
4. [Wisconsin, USA] A Cabin in the Woods
unanswered threads (0/∞)
Threads that I have started that currently have no replies.
All Eras

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