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Stories taking place on the Earth's coldest and most desolate continent.
 #35265  by Dino O'Sullivan
Location: Somewhere in Antarctica • Date: February 5, 2004
Time of Day: It's daytime all the time, isn't it? Eugh • Weather: Too bleedin' cold

Dino disagreed. Sure, maybe geographically Antarctica was close to where he'd been working lately, but Fiji and this frozen wasteland did not compare. On the one hand, you had sunshine, blue sky, sandy beaches, lads in swimtrunks, and warm water, and on the other, a barren ice field where the only thing anyone could do was freeze his nuts off. And he'd been sent here. Oh sure, it was only for a week or two, but the shift was so radical it was cruel! And he'd thought Alaska was the coldest place that existed in the world... He'd been sorely mistaken.

Maybe he had been reported to the Society, on account of being too handsome a sight to continue being allowed to work in his swimtrunks.

Wearing a warm snowsuit and snow goggles, he turned towards the person behind him. They were setting out on a trekk to the coast where the penguins were all hanging out before the mating season started.

'What are ya bein' punished for?'