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 #35517  by Timothy Maxwell
"Oh! Responsible! Right, right 'cos there is nothing more responsible, then putting a 2nd grader onto a hippogriff. Does "responsible" mean something different from where you came from?" he asked with an unhealthy and uncharacteristic level of sarcasm for the wee Hufflepuff. But in the young boy's defense, he really didn't want to fly the beast.
"Uh, you won't take "NO" for an answer, will you?" it was mostly rhetorical, he already knew the answer.
 #35519  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino rolled his eyes. How was this child being so dramatic? Surely jumping on a feathery horse wasn't the end of the world? He'd done it loads of times! He'd even had Clancy launch him into the lake a couple of times. Fly right out to the middle of the lake, and just drop riiiiight in the middle. How else were you supposed to meet all the funky creatures that lived in there?

'Ach, we don't have a word for no, in Norn Iron, which is why it's been goin' so well there these past few... centuries, really,' Dino replied, very much able to match Timothy's sarcasm. 'If I wasn't responsible, I'd have paired ya with any oul hippogriff. Clancy's a good one to learn with. Ya don't believe me, but ya'll see. Now, just do it.'
 #35696  by Timothy Maxwell
"Fine... fine, I'll do it," he resigned after a moment of thinking. There was little point protesting since he was already here and he really needed some help with these animals.
"Any advice except sight tight?" he asked as he was trying to determined how to get on the beast. It wasn't like there were stairs and Tim wasn't great with getting on hippogriffs.
 #35769  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Of course ya'll do it!' Dino beamed. 'Climb on like a horse, and hold on tight, that's the best trick there is. Make sure not to pull out any feathers, either! Clancy wouldn't like that.'
 #35898  by Timothy Maxwell
"Yeah... I have no idea how to get to a horse," he admitted. He was slightly afraid of horses - they were big and could bite and kick and smell weird.
"I could use some help with that," he might dislike this whole situation but not pride enough not to ask for help when he needed one.
 #35899  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Fine,' Dino huffed. 'I'll help ya, then. C'mere.' The lad bent his knees at the hippogriff's flank, cupping his hands together. 'Left foot in my hand, and just swing yer right leg over. Told ya, it's easy as.'
 #36030  by Timothy Maxwell
With Dino's help, he thankfully managed to mount the hippogriff. Instantly, he knew this will be terrible - there was nothing to hold onto and the beast felt wobbly. How could he possibly stay on top of that - he had absolutely no idea!
"So, did I mention this was a bad idea? Because I feel like I should mention it again," he said just to be sure.
 #36033  by Dino O'Sullivan
'Ach, of course ya did. Several times. I just didn't listen,' Dino replied happily. 'Now hold on!'

Without further ado, Dino slapped Clancy's rump, and yelled like a cowboy. 'Take him for a ride, Clancy!'
 #36139  by Timothy Maxwell
"Hold on to whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...." was the only thing he managed to say before the insane hippogriff took him to air. Or possibly his doom? Most definitely his doom. He hugged the beast's beck as best he could closed his eyes and hoped this insanity will end soon. The was whooshing in his ears and to be perfectly honest he was too afraid to look around. One thing was quite certain - he wasn't built for flying!
Too bad! If he opened his eyes perhaps it wouldn't look so dire! But fear was a powerful motivator...
 #36182  by Timothy Maxwell
Tim had absolutely no idea what Dino was yelling. Not only was it difficult to hear someone while flying, but his accent was indecipherable. The young Hufflepuff could only guess it was some sort of last moment piece of advice, but he just didn't understand! With that thought, he continued his insane flight, hoping that this insane day will soon end...
 #36421  by Timothy Maxwell
Hanging for his dear life Tim just waited until this horrible experience will be over. He decided to open eyes only to see if they are landing - only to see the deep blue lake under him. That nearly gave him a heart attack. To avoid this sight he looked anywhere else... and as much as he didn't want to admit it, it was actually quite nice. Still completely horrifying but also nice... in a way. Even so, he felt much, much better once they finally landed.
He got off with surprising elegance and looked at Dino with a gaze that could punch through a concrete wall.
 #36423  by Dino O'Sullivan
Dino cheered on as Timothy landed, and threw Clancy a dead rat for his trouble. He beamed down at the boy, who was glaring daggers, and clapped him on the back, too happy to care about the Hufflepuff's mood.

'See? I told ya! I told ya ya could fly!'