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Creativity/Writing Game: Character Backstories
Challenge Overview

We have so many interesting characters here on Vault 713 with such unique backstories.

This game will allow you to share your character backstories with everyone and earn quills as you do so! What life events led your character to be who they are today?

How to Participate
Write your character's backstory. What events lead them to be who they are today? Anything goes, as long as it fits with Vault 713's rules and guidelines for content.

Post your backstory as a thread in the Solo Storytelling Forum. You may enter with as many characters as you like, but please use one thread for all of your entries, with a different post for each character.

Feel free to use any BBCode you wish to spruce up your post - you might even consider checking out our Template Repository to see if any templates suit your needs!

Your stories must be between 300-500 words, and should not contradict anything written in the character's original character sheet.

Reply to this thread filling out the form below. Upon posting you will receive 5 Quills for every character you write about once the event concludes.

Participation Form
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[b]Link to Solo Storytelling Thread:[/b]
[b]Characters included in the thread:[/b]
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OOC Name: TyrellRose
Link to Solo Storytelling Thread: Here
Characters included in the thread: (click the ooc note, 37 characters listed)
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OOC Name: Fae
Link to Solo Storytelling Thread: Voila
Characters included in the thread: Anat, Zara Bennett, Daisy Cole, Whitney Dawson, Lucy Fairchild, Elliot Flight, Cecil Hart, Nathaniel Jareau-Young, Gracia Perez, Jaime Reyes, Kailee Rose