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Welcome Back! It's time for our 20th Start of Term!

 #39460  by Can Zerdali
'You didn't actually try,' Can replied, mumbling to himself more than to her. He took a gulp of his drink before moving the cigarette back to his lips.

'So, boring night, then?' Hopefully by shifting the focus back to her, she would be happy and leave him alone. She cared about herself, not about him. More than likely she'd be overjoyed to talk about herself.
 #39506  by Can Zerdali
That was her making an effort? Her effort face and tone was eerily similar to her don't give a shit face. Can nodded, unconvinced. Right. Sure.

'I didn't feel like hanging out with the guys. One fight's enough tonight,' he said. Of course, she had no idea he'd just fought with Angus, but she didn't need to know. 'Your bandmates are boring?'
 #39581  by Can Zerdali
Can silently pondered Jezeviel's question, taking a long drag on the cigarette.

'Not really. We're a band, it's not as interesting if we're on our own. And I like the guys. Angus. And the others. I just wish they'd listen more.' All they seemed to want to do was talk, and impose their ideas. There never really seemed to be any room for him.