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 #12332  by Viggo Olhouser
Location: Naples Florida, Resort • Date: June 2nd 2002

After making sure that the coast was clear, Viggo snuck into the service stairwell. He had spent a few minutes the previous night trying to find a way to get to the roof, but now that he had the path memorized he walked confidently up the stairs.

Devoided of his restrictive wedding suit, he climbed the stairs with lighter steps. He felt much more like himself wearing his brownish shorts and a green t-shirt.

He opened the door at the top of the stairs and frowned when he noticed a figure standing next to the roof's balustrades. He quickly recognized the woman that had been on his mind since the previous night. Her pale skin and red hair shining in the moonlight, she was even more beautiful than he remembered.

He closed the door behind him and approached her. "Looks like it's my turn to provide the alcohol." He showed her the champagne bottle he had stolen from Vera's hotel bar.
 #12355  by Meja Lindtberg
Unable to help herself after a day of pure torture, Meja had made her way to the roof she had been invited to the previous night and stood at the edge. Her white maxi dress that she had found in a Brazilian thrift store awhile back fluttered in the breeze seemingly in time with her undone hair.

She hadn't been expecting to be so captivated by the view that the ten minutes she had allowed herself to enjoy had suddenly turned into half an hour and soon a voice spoke up behind her.

"Oh, Viggo, hello," She said with a shy smile. "This really is quite the view."
 #12359  by Viggo Olhouser
"It is. I'm glad you decided to come. It is breathtaking." He had wondered if he had caught the woman's curiosity when he had talked about it the previous night. He had even hoped that she would be there tonight.

He frowned remembering what she had said the previous night about following a stranger to the roof. "Hopefully you feel like I am less of a stranger and will allow me to stay."
 #12441  by Meja Lindtberg
Meja eyed the bottle of champagne Viggo held in one hand with a slight raise of her brow but she nodded anyway, her head turning to take in the view again.

"You can stay, but before you ask, no, I do not want a drink." Meja was not inclined to accept beverage to strangers, even handsome ones who obviously didn't know who or what she was.

She ran her tongue across her teeth and readjusted her stance so that her weight was now centered on her right leg, "Did you do much sightseeing today?"
 #12471  by Viggo Olhouser
"Fair, but I would like to state that It is expensive and that I stole it from the newlyweds." He put the bottle between them on the banister and rested his forearms against the sturdy white granite structure. If she was not going to drink nor would he.

He smiled as he took in the view. Happy to feel the warm wind on his face and enjoying the last few rays of sunshine he closed his eyes for a few seconds. "We gave the newlyweds a bit of space today. The Maid of Honor and I rented a boat and we spent most of the day on the ocean." He and Emerson would be flying home the following day, leaving Vera and Evelyn to have a brief honeymoon before they flew home.

"It's something else the ocean." He frowned as he contemplated the seemingly infinite body of water. "It is beautiful, but sometimes the infinity of it all almost makes me feel anxious." Sometimes he could almost relate to Jane's fear of water.
 #12576  by Meja Lindtberg
Meja nodded and listened carefully, a light smile pulling at the corner of her mouth as she crossed her arms against her chest and continued to look out over the beach that stretched down and towards a flickering city where thousands of people scuttered about. The salty sea air weaved it's way through her loose up-do causing a few strands to fall and frame her face. For a man who hardly knew her, he certainly seemed very trusting. It was almost refreshing.

"Are you a philosophy professor or something of the sort?" She asked, "You seem very..." Meja waved her hand in the air, "I'm sorry, I don't think I know the word in English, but it's fundersam in Swedish."
 #12595  by Viggo Olhouser
Viggo chuckled. "I'll assume that means devilishly handsome intellectual." He was far from being a professor, but his way of thinking probably did stem from his line of work. Being a Spirits Somellier and spending so much time around inebriated people could be quite philosophical. "But no I am not a professor. It was a remnant of a conversation we had earlier. I don't know if you've ever been far enough on the ocean that only water surrounds you." That was what had prompted this line of thinking. That and Emerson had been having a few drinkies as she had called them. "You're from Sweden?" He asked assuming she was considering she spoked the language.
 #12801  by Meja Lindtberg
"I--" Not entirely sure why she was unwilling to tell the gentleman next to her what exactly it is she did, or who exactly she was, Meja felt her throat close up and she side eyed Viggo almost guiltily.

"Yes, yes I still live in Sweden." She murmured, her answer completely true even though she hadn't actually been back home in over four months. "And I preform for a living, or at least I try."
 #12885  by Meja Lindtberg
Realizing that she would have to blatantly lie if she wanted to remain anonymous and keep up the facade she had built from the night before. Keep the camaraderie that they shared. Meja wasn't ashamed of who she was, or what she had and what she could have, but she wondered sometimes whether life would be easier if she wasn't a global sensation. The Swedish Nightingale.

Meja had gone straight from poverty and nothing to wealth and privileged. The change had been drastic, almost like whiplash and Meja still wasn't quite comfortable with the life style she lead. Yes, she was most probably a hypocrite and she would never, ever share these thoughts with someone, but it felt...almost freeing to continue pretending.

"I sing a little bit. You could say that it's almost like a hobby."
 #13000  by Viggo Olhouser
"Sounds great." He wouldn't ask her to sing. He was a spirit sommelier and found himself irritated whenever people made him do a taste test just for their amusement. He could only imagine how it was for a singer.

"What brings you to America?" He had told her about the wedding or she had kind of guessed, but he still did not know why she was there.
 #13010  by Meja Lindtberg
Meja licked her lips, relief flooding her as the lie she told went unnoticed, though her lie had brought more questions, questions she would have to answer.

"Travels. I always wanted to come here but never had the opportunity until now." Realizing she would have to do something unless she wanted to keep down this road, Meja reached for the bottle of champagne and attempted to pop the cork. After a few awkward seconds, it exploded with a bang, the stopper flying towards the ocean.

"You didn't bring glasses did you?"
 #13012  by Viggo Olhouser
He wondered if she was wealthy or if this trip was the culmination of many years of savings. Given how easy it was to talk to her and how comfortable he was around her he was inclined to think that it was the latter.

He smiled widely when she took the bottle and popped it open. "I did not. I didn't think I would have company. I could run down to the newlywed's suit to get some. I'm sure Vera and Evelyn wouldn't mind." Had he known that she was magical he could easily have transfigured a pebble into a glass, making glasses out of everything was kind of a specialty that came with his profession.