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Welcome Back! It's time for our 20th Start of Term!

 #29510  by Michelle La Fratta
The party was finally here. After months of meticulous planning and trying to wrest control from her mother, Michelle's vision had come together so beautifully. Forgoing themes in the past, Michelle was determined to keep the party fresh for all of their usual attendees. The decorations recalled a midsummers night in a garden right out of Greek mythos - glass stems were made to look like fresh tree roots intertwining, spectral deer hopped between party goers in the courtyard and the gardens, and wine was poured from a goat's horn by devotees to Dionysos.

And, of course, there was what the hostess was wearing. Michelle always looked to push the envelope every year and this year was no different. However, it was her most daring outfit yet. Her entire dress might have been sheer or she might have even been nude. There was no way of telling for sure as she was covered in foliage, moss, and ivy. Her skin took on a bright violet hue. Horn-shaped branches seemed to grow straight out of her head and her long hair which had been dyed a bright teal.

A tree nymph was standing near the top of the courtyard to greet her guests for the evening.
 #30047  by Viggo Olhouser
Carrying a wooden box, Viggo could not ignore the confused looks that were being thrown in his direction. Wearing casual black robes, emblazoned with Ogden's Distillery's logo did not comply with the event's prescribed dress code. As he was only making a last minute delivery, Viggo had not even been warned of the event's particularities.

Realizing he was nowhere close to the kitchen, Viggo was resigned to ask for directions. He approached a woman who seemed to be greeting guests. "I'm sorry," he apologized with a sheepish smile. "Compliments of Ogden's Distillery, I am delivering a few bottles of our most refined whiskey." The box he had been carrying stood in his arms. On it, nymphs had been carved. "But I seemed to have taken a wrong turn," he explained. He was not blind to the woman's allure, but he did his best appear indifferent.
 #30050  by Michelle La Fratta
"Oh how wonderful!" Michelle exclaimed as she saw the artwork etched into the wood.

"Thank you very much. Let me have one of my housekeepers take it and bring it to the kitchens." She gestured to a lighter brunette woman passing through at the moment. "Heloise, would you be a dear and take these?"

The woman nodded and approached the man. Michelle then turned back to him. "And, please, feel free to stay. We're all friends here tonight."
 #30077  by Viggo Olhouser
"Please make sure they remain at room temperature," the sommelier instructed as his package was being whisked away.

"That is an alluring invitation," he complimented as he looked around. Though the guests seemed poised and chic, there was a hint of frenetic energy in the air. Viggo felt as though he was being promised a pleasant evening. "I do remember a few useful charms from when my son was in a play with a similar theme." It would not be an intricate costume, but it would be enough for him to blend in.

"And what might be the name of this wonderful event's host?" He inquired feeling as though he at least needed to know that if he wanted to appear like he belonged.
 #30085  by Viggo Olhouser
"Pleasure to meet you," he stated as he shook her hand. "Viggo Olhouser, I am a spirits sommelier for the distillery, if ever you need my expertise." She had been lovely enough to invite him, the least he could do was to offer his services.

"For my costume, I'm thinking taut green pants." He pointed towards his calf indicating the length he had in mind for his pant legs. "A shirt of a similar color and vines to add to the woodland theme." A humble smile punctuated his description. "Not as lovely as your creation, but it should suffice, right?"