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Nathan sat in his high back chair by the fire. As soon as Astrid arrived she would be informed he was waiting for her. His fingers drummed on the arm rests.

Yes... he was drumming his fingers as he waited for his wife, his eyes dark and cold.

What the hell was she thinking?!

More importantly... what the hell was she planning?

Nathan picked up his glass of whiskey on the rocks and took a sip. It was the only thing keeping him calm at the moment.
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Astrid entered the room, chin held high, already very aware what this was going to be about. She and Nathan rarely seemed to spend much time together anymore aside evening meals or nightly activities...but even then, Astrid seemed somewhat guarded with topics now. She had never been a particularly affectionate woman, but she certainly indulged her thoughts with him, and would at least spend a few moments after encounters to show affection.

But now? Not so much.

"Hello, my darling." She spoke, somewhat blandly as she immediately made her way to the drinks cabinet, pulling down a tumbler and filling t with brandy. "How are you today? A special occasion, is it?"
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"You tell me," said Nathan at once. "Is it a special occasion when you decide our prized pet is no longer to be shared, but you are to be the sole owner and controller?"

Might as well get strait to the point..

"Or is it that you released him? To go about doing as he pleases? Letting my favorite dog go for some sort of petty revege should be benith you Astrid, if that is indeed the case."

what he hated most was he really did not know what she had done. He simply knew he was no longer in control of Wesley, could feel nothing, and that Astrid had been seen taking him.
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Astrid was not taken by surprised at all. She knew it was coming.

"I simply removed him from the premises and returned to using my own methods after it was made very clear that your security efforts were no match for him. To simply meander around Iver Hall at his own will, sleep with your cousin, and in the middle of a gala? Simply unacceptable. And so, I have taken him into my hands where I know he will be used to his full potential without the temptation boredom may bring him."

Astrid turned to him, taking a long sip of brandy before continuing.

"Is that the answer you wanted, dear? Surely you are not so offended to have something you love and care for so easily ripped away from your grasp."
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Nathan glowered a moment at her, then standing he said in frustration, "Oh is it as simple as that? And you didn't think it was necessary to discuss this with me first? Instead you decided to sneak in like a creature of the night and slip out with my secret weapon? No warning? Nothing? this does not strike you as wildly inappropriate?"

Stepping up closer to her, he looked up up and down, then said, "What is your game Astrid? Still part of an elaborate revenge scheme because of Dorian?"
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Astrid looked up at him, only a slight twitch of a sardonic smirk touching her lips as she met his eyes with hers. He looked very handsome when he was this intense and frustrated.

"Believe me, Nathan. There is no revenge sweeter than seeing the confused expression on your face right now. So lost. So unsure what to do next. So baffled as to how to get me to spill my secrets." She brought her hand up, touching his neck before sliding her fingers down his chest. "There's no game, my darling. There is only me."
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"Only you?" said Nathan with a bitter chuckle, not exactly appreciating her condescending touch at the moment,. "You are nothing but one, long game after another. You couldn't stop any more than an addict could put down a bottle for long."

He stared down at her a moment, then said, "And what if I simply... take him back from you?" He quirked a brow at her.
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Nathan actually looked taken aback for a moment at her words, but a cool smile coming to his lips he said,

"Really? Are you sure you want to dare me? I think you are underestimating my resourcefulness. Perhaps you would fair better if you put a sweet smile on your lips, and asked nicely if you can have him as your very own. I really don't think you want to test yourself against me my dear wife..."
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But Astrid remained steady, lifting her chin, the condescending smile beginning to drop into something almost...menacing.

"You only earn that sweet little smile when you find yourself unable to control your magic, something I am finding a more regular occurrence than not. Perhaps it is not wise for you to take the dare up without your darling wife there to hold your hand and help drag you back to reality."

She narrowed her eyes slightly.

"Perhaps this time, you will use your wit instead of relying on your dark mistress. She does not make me weak at the knees as she does you."
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"Mistresses usually don't do much for the wife..." said Nathan coolly. "The entire point is personal indulgence."

He looked at her for a moment in silence, then said, "But use dark magic? don't be ridiculous.when I speak of resourcefulness I mean those that are loyal to me and the many benefits I gain from this. When I say I want something done... it will be done. Mark my words. Unless you humble yourself to ask me kindly for Wesley to be your one and only... I will take him back."
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Astrid remained stoic, and then tilted her head ever so slightly to the side.

"Ah, yes. Because asking so kindly for you to make me your one and only at the alter worked out so well." She commented brashly, referring to Nathan and his antics with 'Viola'.

She downed the last of her drink and placed it to the side, looking up at him with a deadpan expression.

"Hunter was the leader of The Kingdom. I own The Kingdom. I own Hunter Nox. It is very simple." She narrowed her eyes slightly. "But even if you did try to take him back, you will be fighting him also. Not just me. I have offered him something worth fighting for - he is mine by choice, and no collar will restrain him. Let us not forget...the only reason you had him to begin with was because of me; I had him captured, I set up the fight with Sora, and I organised for him to be left vulnerable with no options but to obey."

Astrid stepped into him, staring into his eyes.

"You want to know what game I'm playing? No game at all, my darling husband. I am simply revoking your access to my resources. The moment you turned my staff against me, used imperious on Simon, took Hera away, and threatened me explicitly...you set your path in stone. I am not working actively against you; I am working for myself. For the past month I had convinced myself that I needed you..." She shook her head. "You need me. And I will ensure you know it."

And with that, she turned away to pour another drink.
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Well now Nathan was angery!

“I did not cheat on you with Viola!” He said through grit teeth. “Yet I did everything in my power to make the small incident up to you, including brining another man and woman into our bedroom. You promised that would be the end of tirelessly bringing that up against me, yet you do it again! As for turning your staff against you?! You threatened divorce if I would not get rid of my own son. You have shown far more disrespect for our vows than I ever have and you have put me in a position where no matter what I do it will never be good enough unless you are given your way in every last thing and my head is crushed under your heel!”

Taking her by the arm and turning her to face him, Nathan said , “You are a fool to give that creature his freedom and to return him as leader of the Kingdom. Neither of you should be given so much power because clearly you will only abuse it. But I suppose that makes you the perfect power couple.”

And with that he turned from her and stalked towards the door. He wanted to kill something...
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But Astrid snatched out her wand, locking the door before he could leave. She let the moment sit, taking laboured breaths, controlling herself. She wanted to scream, but she reminded herself that she was actively making a change against that behaviour.

"He is not in charge. I am. He is simply a silent partner; convinced he has some sort of power, just enough to keep him sweet, but not enough to act upon it."

She steadily took steps toward him, looking over him for a moment before halting in the centre of the room.

"You feel at a loss, like the rug has been pulled from beneath you, like my efforts were to brutal for the cause? Perhaps now you will understand. I think what is most troubling about our relationship, my darling Nathan," she began, tilting her head at him. "is the look I saw in your eyes when I got on my knees to apologise. When you did so to me, I felt nothing but remorse for what had come of you; I did not enjoy you in that position, and I wished you nothing but redemption - but was unable to offer as much so easily. But in your eyes? There was a sick glee. Whether it is the mistress or your natural sadism, I am unsure. But looking into your eyes, I became very aware of how little you think of my influence."

"I do not hold the powers of dark magic, or unforgivable curses, or a trained army at my heels. But I am far more cunning than any of your little minions, I am far more experienced in this world, and I am far more persuasive than you are. And perhaps...a part of me wants you to feel the fear you instilled in me that night we tried to conceive Soren, without the use of your magical crux. Do I want any harm to come to you? Certainly not. I would never wish that experience in its entirety on you...but it has certainly changed many of my previous perspectives."

"Now you may leave." She flicked her wand again, unlocking the door, and then turned away to continue with her drink.
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Nathan was so surprised by her actions that it knocked the anger right out of him...

For the moment.

He stared at the door wondering what the devil this woman thought she was going to do? She... was blocking him with magic?

And so he turned back to her, looking at her with an unreadable expression and with emotions that were... well amused wasn't really the right word but... it was close to it.

Nathan cocked his head to the side as she spoke, waiting until she was finished before finally saying, "Would you please drop the self righteous, martyr act? You want me to suffer? Oh but not as much as I made you suffer. Because you are so devoted and loving in the end," he said, his tone dripping with sarcasm.

Pacing slowly back towards her he said, "You can walk around, looking down at me from your high horse because you operate under the belief that whatever you do to me it is nothing compared to what I did to you. You did not see a particular look or emotion in my eyes that you wanted? Well then! I suppose I deserve to be publicly flogged. I didn't react in a moment as you would have? Well let's just get out the scales and measure out every head tilt, eye roll, nasty look, and how many minutes it took one of us to forgive the other compared to how quickly the other responded! And I am sure in your tortured, sanctimonious, pharisaic little world you would always come out on top. Ironic how you married me for the man that I am and now hate me for it.”

Stopping a few paces from her he said, “Happiness is a choice Astrid. But you wish to live like this... All I can do is wish you good luck. But I am done. Clearly nothing I do will ever make you happy again unless I can literally erase the past, including my actions before I even began to romance you. My own un happiness was seeing your distress. But not any more as you so clearly chose it. But mark me... it will be a long, hard marriage for you if you continue this way...”