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 #34742  by Nikolaos Alexandros
 14 Jan 2020, 23:28
Location: Burj al-Harba Resort, Dubai • Date: 1 January 2004

The warmth of the night air was a stark contrast to the cold rain Nikolaos endured just shortly before. Meetings had been attended, reports had been read, and decisions were being made, but there was always more that demanded his attention.

He remembered another life as he entered the hotel, remembered some shadow of the anticipation he had felt when he had been searching so desperately for one of the many women he had wronged. Only a shadow.

He recognized the woman at the front desk from before, when he would make regular visits. And she, it seemed, recognized him, as she picked up a phone and dialed some number as he approached. She put it down a few moments later, after a hushed conversation.

"One moment sir," she told him before he could speak. "The owner will be right with you."
 #34777  by al-Rumha
 15 Jan 2020, 16:32
It was not long at all before al-Rumha had arrived in the lobby. He had to leave an important meeting with an investor, but he had been waiting for this moment for well over a year.

"Mr. Alexandros, it is a pleasure to see again. I had worried that the worst must have happened."

He offered his hand to the revenant.
 #34845  by Nikolaos Alexandros
 16 Jan 2020, 22:46
Nikolaos looked down at the vampire's hand a moment, then looked back into the man's eyes as he took the hand in his own talon.

"Much has happened since our last meeting, I am certain," he replied. Clearly al-Rumha had some agenda, but what? "Could you spare some time so we might catch up?"
 #34869  by al-Rumha
 17 Jan 2020, 22:05
If the vampire could have felt a chill, it would have run down his spine at the man's scaly touch. As it was, al-Rumha could not help but grin wider.

"Of course!" he beamed. "We will go up to my office. Shall I call ahead and have anything prepared for you? Dinner? Drink?"
 #34912  by al-Rumha
 18 Jan 2020, 14:01
The vampire seemed almost put out by the denial.

"As you wish. Come along then, follow me."

He led the man past a security checkpoint and into a private elevator, which raced along toward the top of the building.

"So, back from the dead," he said once they were alone. "How does it feel?"
 #34980  by Nikolaos Alexandros
 19 Jan 2020, 00:10
Like my team has fallen dangerously behind on points, it is on me to catch us up to where we have a chance to win the match, he thought, but that could be giving too much away.

"Like I've missed two years of my life."
 #34983  by al-Rumha
 19 Jan 2020, 00:41
"Well, give it time. Before long two years will seem like nothing more than⁠—" the elevator stopped, and the doors opened. "A short elevator ride, perhaps."

The vampire led the other man past the suites of his favored and most trusted companions. They went by Rasima's, Juliette's, and Nananji's before they finally arrived at the door to his private suite. While the rooms did not lack for luxury, the vampire's private chambers might seem smaller than most would assume of him. The first room was a round, open room with rugs and tapestries, and a pit in the center filled with cushions and silks. The windows along the far wall looked out over the beach and the sea, where the people looked like ants.

Alexandros was led through a door to the right, al-Rumha's private study. The windowless walls were lined with bookcases, and there was enough room in the middle for a desk.

"Take a seat," he offered. "We have much ground to cover, but first, have you heard the news about our friends in Romania? Very exciting."
 #34985  by Nikolaos Alexandros
 19 Jan 2020, 01:14
Nikolaos took a chair opposite the vampire at the desk.

"I did," he confirmed. "I hope Malanda's second marriage works out better than her first. I am happy for them."

He did not sound happy, or unhappy, but rather like he was reading from a script.
 #34989  by Nikolaos Alexandros
 19 Jan 2020, 01:58
That was news to him. He would need to discuss the oversight with Artemis when they next met.

"I had not heard that," he said after a moment. There was an echo of emotion, a dim sense of the pain that had once been inflicted on him, of the series of events that had happened around that, his involvement with the Katoracovs and Adrian's manipulation of him. "Perhaps I will need a drink. That is an event to celebrate."
 #35018  by al-Rumha
 19 Jan 2020, 15:37
"There we are," al-Rumha said with a grin as he picked up the corded phone on his desk. He rattled off a request in Arabic, spent an extra moment on pleasantries before placing the receiver back on the cradle.

"See? Good things are happening Mr. Alexandros. You have come back at the right time. I know your business is not in the best place, but we can change that. Now that someone I can trust is back in control, I'm willing to do what I can to fast track your recovery and subsequent expansion."