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 #34775  by Shinji Ishikawa
"It takes two shots of this vodka and one shot of cranberry juice. It's really that simple." He grunted watching the woman pour too much of one and not enough of the other.
"Are you even counting your pouring seconds?" He groaned, the woman looking over her shoulder at him in pure anxiousness.

"Really, fear isn't-" Wasn't needed, as they were training this batch for nothing more than making drinks. His sentence never finished though, as the elevator door opened with the Vampire group stepping out.
"Yoru, please tell her how to mix a cranberry cocktail?" He nearly begged.
 #34776  by Yoru Nakamura
He smirked, stepping into the room the girl looking like she was about to have a full-blown anxiety attack. Shinji seeming on his last string of sanity to boot. If he wasn't here to watch the training for a bit he might have been - well more amused then he was.
"My lady, let me show you. Then we'll try again." The vampire stepping in - Shiro wanted these girls to feel nearly at home. At least when it came to doing their job. That meant his crazy habits would have to be dulled for this training session.

"Shinji," He said emptying her last attempt and picking up another - clean glass. "You'll get more with sugar than salt, as annoying as the prospect is." He chastized.

Making sure she was watching him, he started to make the drink - being the silent teacher he was. Silently counting the pour counts and using the mixing cup to finish it of he leaned on the counter via the palm of his hands.
"Try that, this is how it should taste." He said, after taking a sip himself. Still leaned over the counter he locked eyes with Shinji.

"His private rooms Ishikawa?"
 #34779  by Shinji Ishikawa
Sighing in relief, he took a seat on the other side of the bar, the vampire seemingly great at handling it. The idea the man was purely proper on command still sent shivers down his spine. It was like Mr Takayama had a siring ability, something that was impossible to have....right?
"Yes, well, my wand is usually giving me my results. Forgive me." He bemused. "Having me as an attack dog, then expecting me to act like a proper gentleman is asking too much." Something he wouldn't be repeating to the boss.

He looked up, watching as the girl took a sip before offering him the glass as an apology.
"Make another one, clean glass. Never hand anyone a glass already drank from." He said calmly, a slight tone of annoyance in his words. She nodded, taking the glass away and busied herself as the two men spoke - the vampire focusing more so on the mixing.

He shrugged,
"The boss was supposed to be here dealing with an issue. The fact he uses his car instead of a perfectly good floo station in the house...made me think I had time to make my point to Kawasaki."
 #34783  by Yoru Nakamura
He raised an eyebrow.
"I gave you many a job when I was in control. I do remember specifically training you personally to be able to blend in...change to your master's commands when needed. Have we gotten forgetful of this fact?" He mused sighing as he ran his hand through his black hair. He tsked,
"The oya-bun is the commander. You are the army and only Kawasaki is the general." He leaned to the ack of the bar watching the girl carefully,
"But even the general is still only following orders." He reasoned. Though the general position gave more freedom to work directly with the commander.

"Have you also forgotten the rules of rank Ishikawa?" He sounded almost angry. "It's the same as my time, you meet the oya-bun in the office. You make the request. Once made the outcome of the duel makes the decision. That's not changed." He took the newly made glass from her and handed it to Shinji.
"And the fact I was bothered withit...isn't helping matters." The vampire warned.

"See? Sugar, not salt."
 #34785  by Shinji Ishikawa
He scoffed,
"That kid you're raised is nothing like you. He's not keeping our values, not like you did. So what makes his orders worth my time? A member who still honors the old ways?" He had no personal issue with Shiro as a person...no like Kawazaki he just didn't see him as a good leader. The man was moulding them into something different then what they were.

"Maybe his private rooms wasn't the wisest decision, but getting a meeting with him has been nearly impossible with all his time in England." He reasoned.
"Now he's focusing on this project and the vampire issue...honestly getting a meeting with him is harder than it was with you." He said as he took he glass with a 'hn' in response.

It was....right. Perfectly balanced.
"Does this mean I have to show them how to make all one hundred drinks on the menu? I have other things to do other than this." The girl looking down to the floor.
 #34786  by Yoru Nakamura
His eyes narrowed,
"Those are not your choices to make. That's the point I'm trying to make." He growled. Shinji had a point, and so did his son who was obviosuly doing something right with the cash influx coming in. The problem with Shinji's point is, was he had no place to be acting out on them - the man was more than free to respectfully voice his concerns Mr Takayama.

"The problem was you wern't going there to see him, but to harass the wakagashira." he countered.

"Actually, this is all you have to do." He muttered, "Because I'm now heading the situation with Jiang when it comes to being the muscle." He explained.
"You've been re-assigned to training." He looked over at the girl. "And I do trust you'll change your attitude when handling the trainee's, least you want to taken from this responsibility as well?"
 #34788  by Yoru Nakamura
He chuckled,
"As I did you...and him...and everyone I commanded." He countered, "I simply went by my fathers rules. Shiro is doing no different in using us Ishikawa, he's just using his own judgment." While Yoru didn't agree with every opinion Shiro had, that didn't mean he wouldn't respect it.

"Were not a 'family' in the sense of father and son Ishikawa. I was simply sick of the idea his father had legal rights to him when I processed those papers." He grinned, "I wanted him to be mine and fully mine to use."
 #34789  by Shinji Ishikawa
Setting down the next drink for her to start he focused back on Yoru,
"Are you happy with the outcome?" He asked, honestly wanting to know what the old boss thought of the new rulings.

"Three shots, two juices. Same process." He ordered, watching her carefully as he waited for a response.
 #34790  by Yoru Nakamura
Handing her a clean glass he raised an eyebrow at the question. Stepping away from the position of teacher he took the drink Shinji hadn't yet finished.
"I'm happy as long as I can tear into skin and bone, you know that." He muttered. "The politics I've handed off to him, and as such, I have no right to a personal opinion unless it proves something that could ruin us. So far, he's only raised our numbers and brought our profits up with them."

"Stick to your orders, and Shinji? If you want that spot back. Go through the right channels." He looked over at the blond. "Though if you were to personally ask me if I thought you were ready for it? I might have to think about that." Simply due to the dishonor that man had shown him by going into hi private rooms.
 #34791  by Shinji Ishikawa
'he's not changed a bit.' He couldn't help but think as Yoru described his personal side hobby. Just as he was about to say his thoughts on the matter though Yoru was already headed to the elevator with his words of disapproval ringing in the blonds head.
"What are you looking at? Three shots and two juices." He snapped, getting back to his lesson with the vampire gone.